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Empowering mobility for a cleaner, smarter & safer future

Discover our cutting-edge software solutions to optimize your mobility planning and operations.

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Our goal is to drive the future of mobility toward a cleaner, smarter, and safer world. With a legacy spanning over 40 years as a leading global software company for traffic planning, simulation, and real-time management, we have garnered extensive experience in the field of mobility.


You are looking for logistics software?

In an exciting strategic move, PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH announces the intra-group spin-off of its logistics business unit into PTV Logistics GmbH, a subsidiary of PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH.

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Boost your mobility projects with the right technology for your use case


Analyze transport networks and evaluate based on accessibility and travel demand current and future mobility concepts with macroscopic modelling and simulation for long-term strategic planning and short-term operational use. Create digital twins with multimodal traffic simulation – microscopic, mesoscopic or hybrid. Forecast “what if?” scenarios supported by historical and real-time data, AI and Machine Learning and visualize your data for improved collaboration.


Monitor your road and public transport networks, get automatic alerts and full decision support to proactively manage traffic in real-time. Let traffic flow by optimizing signalized and unsignalized intersections and roundabouts. Keep your traffic signal data synchronized between your management and modeling software to make fact-based decisions. Optimize traffic signal timings at individual intersections and across entire networks with adaptive traffic control.


Evaluate and improve the performance of your traffic facilities and optimize your road traffic challenges, such as congestion and emissions. Decide which measure will improve your network or transit performance by balancing different KPIs. Identify issues and potential improvements leveraged by data, AI and machine learning.