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PTV Academic Committee

PTV Group’s mission is to always keep abreast of technology and market needs. We are committed to readying our suite of mobility and transportation modeling software for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In the PTV Academic Committee, we engage with researchers and professors from around the world to discuss the latest modeling trends, research results, and the potential for turning these into robust software tools for professionals. The Committee comprises several members, each a thought-leading expert in a topic area. To ensure that topics across all of PTV Group’s fields of activity are covered, new members are appointed each year. Fresh thinking is more important than long-time usage of our software: We intentionally cast our net farther than what our products currently cover, so we can identify opportunities for expansion into new application areas.


Marilo Martin-Gasulla


Marilo Martin-Gasulla, Ph.D.
Product Manager for Academia & Research at PTV Group
International Member and Website Manager of the TRB Standing Committee on Roundabouts and other Intersection Design and Control Strategies (AKD80)

Expert in: Traffic Analysis, Microsimulation, ITS, Roundabouts, CAVs, Driver Behavior


Klaus Nökel Head of Innovation Department at PTV Group


Dr. Klaus Nökel
Head of Competence Center Mobility
Competence Center Mobility at PTV Group

Expert in: Software Engineering, Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Simulation, Demand Modeling, Traffic Assignment


Members of the PTV Academic Committee

Attila Aba

Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Budapest, Hungary

Expertise: MaaS, Journey Planning, Strategic Planning, Urban Mobility

Vanina Popova, Dr. Eng.

University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy - Sofia, Bulgaria

Expertise: Road safety, Transportation planning

Jia Hu, Ph.D.

Tongji University - Shanghai, China

Expertise: Connected Vehicles, Automated Vehicles, Decision Making and Control, Automated Vehicle Testing

Jochen Lohmiller, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Berliner Hoschschule für Technik (BHT) - Berlin, Germany

Expertise: Traffic Flow Theory, Traffic Engineering, ITS, Signal Control, Transportation Modeling, Traffic Management

Dana Luca, Ph.D.

Transilvania University of Brasov - Brasov, Romania

Expertise: Numerical Methods, Simulations, Applied Informatics, Statistics, Optimization

Santos Sánchez-Cambronero García-Moreno, Prof. Ph.D. Eng

University of Castilla-La Mancha - Ciudad Real, Spain

Expertise: AVI sensor location problem, Dynamic flow estimation, BIM, Pedestrian flow estimation, Train timetabling, ADST

Stelian Tarulescu, Dr. Eng.

Transilvania University of Brașov - Brasov, Romania

Expertise: Urban Mobility, Transportation, Air Quality Analysis, Traffic Analysis

Alexandra Kondyli, Dr.

University of Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Expertise: Traffic Operations and Management, Highway Capacity, Microsimulation, Traffic Flow Theory, Driver Behavior, Human Factors, Emerging Vehicle Technologies

Francesco Viti, Prof. Dr. Eng.

University of Luxembourg - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Expertise: Smart Urban Mobility, Network Modelling and Control, Multimodal Transport Management, Public Transport Electrification, Data Science for Transportation

Martin Fellendorf, Prof. Dr. - Founding father of PTV Vissim

Graz University of Technology - Graz, Austria

Expertise: Urban & Interurban Traffic Management; Automated Vehicles; Travel Demand Modelling; Traffic Data Analytics

Aleksandar Stevanovic, PhD, PE

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Expertise: Adaptive Traffic Control Systems, Traffic Management and Control, ITS, Urban Air Mobility, Transportation Modeling