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Shared Mobility and Multimodality

The mobility world is currently developing very dynamically. Besides cabs and car-sharing vehicles, private driving service providers are increasingly visible in our cities with rental cars or transport services. In addition to the classic rental bicycles, pedelecs, electrically operated car sharing fleets, ride pooling vehicles, as well as electric scooters (kickscooters) are running on the streets. More and more mobility stations are being set up where various mobility providers position their vehicles, including the necessary infrastructure such as bicycle boxes and charging facilities.

The increasing networking of transport services to form intermodal route chains is being promoted by integrating different mobility providers with various modes of transport on mobility platforms. This concept is known as Mobility as a Service (MaaS). It combines a seamless and user-oriented mobility offer in real time and according to personal preferences. The app-based concept allows booking, payment and information very simple and userfriendly. An increase in using this kind of mobilty offers is expected. Fully automated mobility services are expected to generate additional demand, especially in rural areas.

We work on the research and testing of new and further developed mobility offers, develop concepts for intermodal links and evaluate their effects on transport and the environment. For this purpose, we are further developing our software solutions.

Our fields of action

We know the current supply and demand for new and further developed mobility offers. We also keep up to date on the constant development and future opportunities with numerous research projects. Our products respond to the changing requirements and enable companies, cities, communities, and traffic planners to determine the effects on traffic and environment, design the exact layout of stations and app-based systems, and make their mobility modern, sustainable and demand-oriented.

  • Development of innovative concepts and measures for the promotion of multimodality
  • Further development of methods/approaches for impact assessment and evaluation of shared mobility and multimodality
  • Further development of demand and transport models to improve the modeling results
  • Consideration of the particular characteristics of new and further developed mobility offers in our solutions

Our product portfolio supports you on this and many other topics.

Selected projects

In the study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), "Shift and environmental effects of modified mobility concepts in passenger transport", we examined how new mobility offers will develop in different types of areas and what impact have these changes on transport and environment.

The Smart Station project is concerned with linking different modes of transport - the transport station as an entry point to multimodal mobility. An "intelligent" station combines analog and digital-visual infrastructure elements to optimize and facilitate the connection of different modes of transport.

Information, booking and payment of different mobility offers (e.g. public transport, car and bike sharing) is possible from one common source in the future in Karlsruhe because of the regiomove project that enables uncomplicated access and/or switching between different modes of transport to create a worthwhile alternative to the private car. Using PTV software, the effect of mobility on demand and shared offers were investigated for different operating concepts.

Taking the City of Munich as an example, goals and realistic development paths for automated and networked mobility offers were analyzed in the project EASYRIDE. Based on the status quo, we determined realistic scenarios for new transport services and their effects. This was used to evaluate and optimize urban goals. 

Further research projects: New forms of mobility, mobility stations and urban design, Securing mobility in times of demographic change, IeMM.

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