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PTV Lines

Smart Public Transport Software

PTV Lines is a cloud-based public transport software for line planning and public transport service optimisation. 

It empowers planners and operators to shape new and existing public transport routes, without requiring expert knowledge in complex planning tools.

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How does PTV Lines work?

As a service planner, you receive inquiries from different sources such as operations, marketing, or citizens regarding issues with the current network and timetable design. These may include overcrowding, unstable transfer connections, or construction sites that need to be addressed in a timely manner, such as within days, weeks, or before the next season's timetable is released.

PTV Lines provides a fully digitalized workflow for network design and timetable planning. With PTV Lines, you can create, duplicate, and compare different scenarios. You can import the current supply via standard interfaces and sketch your ideas on a routable map. GIS data can be easily incorporated to support detours or extensions of line routes. The stop sequence is updated instantly to reflect changes in run time and distance.

Why you should work with PTV Lines

PTV Viswalk intuitive UI
Simple and intuitive

Optimize your line planning easily, even without knowledge of complex public transport software

Benfit icon
Easy decision-making

Understand the concrete effects of infrastructure changes before making decisions

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: Collaborative editing and comments
Improved collaboration

Design public transport services together as a team and share results with stakeholders

More productivity & less errors

Sketch ideas quickly with a powerful and intuitive tool, streamline your workflow and boost productivity

Traffic Management Center information Benefit tile Optima
No installation necessary

Work from anywhere: PTV Lines is cloud-based, easily scalable and self-updating

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: data security
Guaranteed data security

Rely on our IT security: PTV Lines is hosted in the EU and meets the highest security requirements

PTV Lines Use Cases

Network Design for Networks with Various Transport Systems

In a complex transit network where various transportation systems intertwine, the need for seamless coordination during detours or network remodeling is paramount. Imagine a scenario where a planner needs to recalibrate the course of a transit line to align perfectly with the existing infrastructure. This is precisely where PTV Lines excels. With its advanced modeling capabilities, PTV Lines empowers planners to meticulously redesign transit routes, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with the correct transit infrastructure. Whether it's adjusting for detours or optimizing for efficiency, PTV Lines provides the tools necessary to navigate the intricacies of transit network management with precision and ease.

Scenario Comparison and Catchment Area Analysis

With PTV Lines, you can easily create variants of routes and simultaneously adjust trips and the network for optimal results. You'll see changes in production indicators and catchment area figures immediately when you change the scenario or compare several scenarios. It allows you to compare up to 5 scenarios with each other at the line level and export all indicators as a .csv file. Additionally, you can analyze reachability to workplaces, schools, and any user’s background data within the catchment area of stops and lines.

Improve your Services with Accessibility & Connection Analysis

Accessibility analysis is a powerful tool for planners, to assess how mobility measures enable people to travel to various destinations. By using accessibility analysis, planners get deep understanding of what works, and what are the barriers to better connectivity.

Analyze connections between stops to identify transfer times and assess transfer efficiency. Identify and rectify redundant or irregular trip patterns for enhanced service reliability.

Key Features

Service planning & evaluation

  • Upload your PT supply data in different formats or start from scratch.
  • Create and compare numerous scenarios.
  • See operation costs and public transport service KPIs immediately while changing your public transport service.
  • Export of public transport supply scenarios in different formats e.g. GTFS

Simple, powerful editing

  • Create lines, line routes, and stop points.
  • Model different transport systems in your public transport supply scenario
  • Add or modify your line routes on the map, along the existing public transport network, streets,  or as straight lines.
  • Benefit from automatic stop detection and stop sequence generation, which calculates distance and travel time of the lines.
  • Change the schedule and frequencies with few clicks.
  • Undo all your changes.

Background data

  • Upload own spatial background data like population or points of interests
  • Visualize your data as a layer in addition to  your public transport service on the map and consider any changes based on it

Collaborative working

  • Invite other people and assign them different roles and rights
  • Design your public transport service collaboratively with others and share results with stakeholders

Intuitive usability without training

  • Start to work without expert knowledge in transport planning software or extensive training

Web-based cloud application, no installation or updates required

  • Work in your web browser on any computer or laptop without installation
  • Always work with the latest release including up-to-date features


Accessibility is a mobility indicator of the possibilities and limitations for people to move from A to B. With PTV Lines you get deep understanding of how good people can reach places of employment and education, parks or other destinations with public transit.

  • Reachability to workplaces, schools, and any user’s background data within the catchment area of stops and lines.
  • Accessibility analysis (Isochrones)

What you can expect from upcoming releases

We are continuously expanding the scope of functionalities of PTV Lines. These features are on the roadmap:

  • Demand Analysis

Licenses & Plans


Extra Small




Region size (km2)

unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

Population of region

unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

Number of lines in the network per scenario

<50 <100 <500 <2,000

Number of stops in the network per scenario

<500 <1,000 <5,000 <100,000

Number of scenarios

100 100 100 100

Number of users

2 5 10 20

Customer support

Full Full Full Full


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A selection of satisfied PTV software customers

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Why SaaS?

PTV Lines SaaS is a a pioneering solution that will completely transform your line planning in public transport. Embrace the simplicity, flexibility, and security that our cloud-based tool offers:

  • Accessible via the Internet, PTV Lines SaaS provides the agility needed to quickly respond to evolving demands in transit planning without the hassle of infrastructure management. 
  • The digitalized planning process with PTV Lines SaaS accelerates productivity, reduces errors, and fosters collaboration across teams and different stakeholders to reach the right decisions.
  • PTV Lines cloud-solution seamlessly integrates regular updates and enhancements, providing access to the latest features and robust security measures. 

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