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White Paper

Smart Mobility Solutions for City Officials and Urban Planners

In our white paper, experts report on new trends and developments and explain how digitization and technology will change transport and mobility in cities. Download your free copy  and find out how you can contribute to efficient and sustainable mobility.


White Paper Smart Mobility Solutions

Clever planning for smart mobility

New concepts for efficient road traffic

Drivers in London and New York spend the equivalent of six days stuck in traffic every year. Those driving in Bogota, the world's congestion capital, fare much worse. The "last mile" speed in Johannesburg, Montreal and Brussels is so low, that bikes are actually faster than cars. This standstill costs billions of dollars worldwide.

Can we reduce the standstill on our roads?

One thing is clear: The previous approaches do not work anymore. The problems are so serious that they cannot be solved by adding another lane or creating new parking spaces. In order to ensure greater efficiency in road traffic for the long term, we need new mobility ideas and solutions.

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