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PTV Access for Retail

Maximize your success in retail business with traffic data

With the data interfaces of PTV Access, you can understand the characteristics and thus the potential of your sales area, align your locations and product range with the mobility behavior and socio-economic and demographic data of your customers and uncover hidden potential in marketing.

Comprehensive and reliable data is the basis for every location decision, be it for a new branch, a billboard or a distribution center. This is where the PTV Access data interfaces come into play. The APIs provide you with the information you need to make a fact-based decision. The data includes information on the traffic volume, broken down by vehicle type (e.g. car, truck) and time period (e.g. average Monday).

PTV Access Data Platform

The PTV Access data platform offers powerful API interfaces that you can use to add location and mobility data to your own software solutions. The information provided comes from automatically generated traffic models and numerous other public and commercial data sources. PTV uses intelligent algorithms to combine all this information and refine it into valuable and exclusive data sets.

PTV Access Data Platform

Benefits of Using Data from PTV Access

Data with added value

We refine the raw data with the help of algorithms and traffic models

Traffic Management Center information Benefit tile Optima
Always up to date

The data provided is updated regularly

Seamless integration

Thanks to the Open API standard, the APIs can be easily connected and scaled

PTV Visum reliable future planning
Cost efficient

You only pay for what you actually need.

35+ years of experience

Continuous development and research

Our APIs

Accessibility Score API

The PTV Accessibility Score API provides accessibility indices for various means of transport (walking, cycling, public transport, car) for an address. The index ranges from 0 (poor) to 100 (very good) and describes how easily a destination can be reached within a certain time. The times are calculated on the basis of a geographical multimodal database that includes the current road network as well as the available, current public transport route and timetable data and information on the cycling infrastructure. In addition to the accessibility index, the API also provides all points of interest (e.g. schools, supermarkets, train stations, pharmacies) that are included in the index calculation.

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Traffic Volume API

The PTV Traffic Volume API provides the average traffic volumes for an address for different time ranges (day types, hourly values) of the surrounding roads. The values are calculated using a traffic demand model and calibrated with the help of public road counts.

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The fast food chain McDonald's used PTV data to build and optimize their delivery service.

McDonald's Germany

The American burger chain used PTV technology to analyze the traffic volume around its new restaurants.

In-N-Out Burger, Inc.

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