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PTV Model2Go

Model. Set. Go.

Get a transport model of your city in just a week.

The fastest way to a new transport model of your city 

PTV Model2Go is a game changer in city and transportation planning: It uses a new technology that automates important parts of the model-building process and delivers a basic transport model of any city or metropolitan area in the world in just one week. Additionally, any transport model, can be delivered with travel demand data powered by TomTom.

Developing a transport model manually takes months and requires lots of resources and knowhow. PTV Model2Go drastically reduces the time, effort and cost of model-building, making model-based decision-making viable even for small projects.

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PTV Model2Go variants

PTV Model2Go Supply

PTV Model2Go Supply represents the network supply of different modes of transport. That includes the road network and associated parameters, such as route types, speeds, and capacities. The automated model also contains the public transport network, timetables, points of interest and structural data. Traffic zones can be generated as well. PTV Model2Go Supply is ready for immediate use after delivery for analysis and visualization.

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PTV Model2Go Demand

The new cloud-based process combines smart automation technology with details about the origin/destination demand for your desired area. The travel demand matrices are powered by TomTom's trustworthy, scalable and reliable traffic data, covering, depending on the geographical area, 10% to 30% of the total private transport road traffic, reducing the effort to collect data empirically. The OD data, which is anonymized and compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, is yet precise to the point, making it applicable to your desired matrix – resulting in even more accurate results.

Discover PTV Model2Go Demand examples

Live presentation of PTV Model2Go Demand

Learn in the video everything about PTV Model2Go evolution, as well as in-depth information on the data sources and data quality of TomTom's traffic OD data, the possibility to specify required OD data, the use cases served by Model2Go Demand as well all live Q&A.

PTV Model2Go Supply: Model examples & use cases