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PTV Model2Go

Model. Set. Go.

Get a transport model of your city in just a week.

The fastest way to a new transport model of your city 

PTV Model2Go is a game changer in city and transportation planning: It uses a new technology that automates important parts of the model-building process and delivers a basic transport model of any city or metropolitan area in the world in just one week. Additionally, any transport model, can be delivered with travel demand data powered by TomTom.

Developing a transport model manually takes months and requires lots of resources and knowhow. PTV Model2Go drastically reduces the time, effort and cost of model-building, making model-based decision-making viable even for small projects.

Get your Model2Go now

PTV Model2Go variants

PTV Model2Go Supply

PTV Model2Go Supply represents the network supply of different modes of transport. That includes the road network and associated parameters, such as route types, speeds, and capacities. The automated model also contains the public transport network, timetables, points of interest and structural data. Traffic zones can be generated as well. PTV Model2Go Supply is ready for immediate use after delivery for analysis and visualization.

Discover PTV Model2Go Supply examples

PTV Model2Go Demand

The new cloud-based process combines smart automation technology with details about the origin/destination demand for your desired area. The travel demand matrices are powered by TomTom's trustworthy, scalable and reliable traffic data, covering, depending on the geographical area, 10% to 30% of the total private transport road traffic, reducing the effort to collect data empirically. The OD data, which is anonymized and compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, is yet precise to the point, making it applicable to your desired matrix – resulting in even more accurate results.

Discover PTV Model2Go Demand examples

Live presentation of PTV Model2Go Demand

Learn in the video everything about PTV Model2Go evolution, as well as in-depth information on the data sources and data quality of TomTom's traffic OD data, the possibility to specify required OD data, the use cases served by Model2Go Demand as well all live Q&A.

PTV Model2Go Supply: Model examples & use cases

PTV Model2Go Demand: Model examples

Your benefits

PTV Optima fast
Head start in traffic planning

Shorten the time to model from months to days and focus on what matters.

PTV Viswalk numerous uploads
Robust and reliable

Avoid human error with automatic data collection and integration.

PTV Vissim improved flow
Data driven decisions

Improve decision making with hard facts from models.

PTV Visum intuitive use
Accurate results

OD matrices are free from being bound to zones.

Using PTV Model2Go: Details

Data sources

Model2Go can include:

  • Road network (available worldwide from Here and TomTom)
  • Junction details estimated for HERE maps only
  • Public transport network including stops, lines, and timetables (based on the standardized GTFS format)
  • Bike network with elevation (based on OpenStreetMap)
  • Traffic analysis zones and connectors with demographics and travel demand estimates (generated by PTV based on OpenStreetMap data and data science algorithms)
  • OD matrices powered by TomTom GPS Data. The delivered data covers 10% to 30% of the total private transport on roads.
  • Mix and match your own data with the data provided in the PTV Model2Go model

What you can do out-of-the-box with Model2Go Supply

  • Accessibility analyses (e. g. measure potential for travel by mode and for different purposes)
  • Public transport operational planning
  • Infrastructure planning

What you can do out-of-the-box with PTV Model2Go Demand

  • Travel demand forecasting
  • Transportation planning
  • Demand forecasting for new modes
  • Base model for real-time traffic management
  • Construction site planning

Traffic studies of:

  • changed traffic routing
  • changed speed limits
  • new roads
  • capacity improvements
  • detours caused by roadblocks

Traffic analyses of:

  • traffic composition on specific roads
  • affected origins & destinations of interventions

This is how you get your PTV Model2Go

PTV Model2Go delivers traffic models as PTV Visum files. If you additionally acquire PTV Model2Go Demand, your PTV Visum file will also include the OD matrices for your region. The model is ready to use for analysis and visualization for several basic use cases, and customizable with additional data and modeling for more complex use cases. Edit, improve, analyze your Model2Go model using PTV Visum, the world’s leading transport planning software.

Modeling Sessions

PTV Model2Go Supply #1

In this video you will learn the automation process for the smart creation of a tranportmodel.

Learn more
PTV Model2Go Supply #2

In this video you will learn what you can do with the ready-to-use transportation models.

Learn more
PTV Model2Go Supply #3

Get to know the data source and data quality of the travel demand data powered by TomTom.

Learn more
PTV Model2Go Supply #4

In this video we talk about use cases that the ready-to-use transport models can serve in transportation planning and traffic studies.

Learn more
PTV Model2Go Supply #5

we are looking at the public transport supply side within transportation modeling and are performing graphical analyses of PT service operations.

Learn more

Model2Go versions


One-time model


Model subscription



Bundle subscription

(Model + Software)

Scope of delivery and term - One-time model delivery

- Yearly model delivery

- Min. 3 years subscription term

- Yearly model update

- Min. 3 years subscription term

PTV Visum subscription

Regional Population

Price varies depending on population covered

c c c

Junction Detail

Price varies depending on level of junction detail

c c c

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