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PTV Vissim

Multimodal Traffic Simulation Software

The world's leading multimodal traffic simulation software PTV Vissim digitally reproduces the traffic patterns of all road users. Trusted by traffic planners and engineers around the globe, PTV Vissim evaluates and improves the performance of your traffic facilities. Results establish the basis for your traffic planning decisions and address your road traffic challenges, such as congestion and emissions. 

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Customers who are satisfied with PTV Vissim

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Why you should consider PTV Vissim

PTV Vissim successful for years
Years of proven success

Decades of research and continuous development with customers

PTV Visum multimodal transport
Simulate multimodal traffic

A single software that fully integrates all modes of transport

PTV Vissim flexible use
Flexible and seamless integration

APIs and interfaces to external software providers

PTV Vissim sophisticated
Sophisticated motion model

PTV Vissim considers regional and cultural differences

PTV Vissim improved flow
Improved traffic flow

Reduce congestion and emissions with efficient traffic planning

PTV Vissim microscopic simulation in depth
In-depth traffic simulations

Create microscopic, mesoscopic or hybrid simulations

PTV Vissim data visualization
Convincing data visualization

Realistic simulation and comprehensive 3D visualizations

PTV Vissim no scripting
No scripting

Intuitive interface that does not require scripting (though still possible)

Use Cases

Parking Spaces

Simulate parking spaces and parking behavior by using the car park creator. Vehicles can be parked forward or nose-out, or in any combination of both.

Airport Terminal Simulation

Multi-modal traffic microsimulation of the landside traffic at a major airport including in-Terminal simulation up to airport security check. 

Morning Peak

Simulate the morning or evening peak at a certain intersection.

Animation of a Swing Bridge

Simulation of a proposed bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across a river. Due to low height, the bridge requires to be opened on demand to let larger boats pass. Prior to opening, the bridge requires to be evacuated completely, hence the delay before the actual opening movement.

Behavior at Tram or Train Station

Whilst pedestrians usually would stop at a red light and wait for it to become green, this PTV Vissim simulation shows what happens, when a tram approaches a station and a pedestrian urgently needs to catch it. 

Autonomous People Mover

Simulation of an autonomous people mover as used in airports to transfer passengers between terminals. This example shows the basic principle, including platform doors, and can be enhanced to multiple stations, of course.

Further Use Cases

Traffic emissions modelling

Decreasing your agency's emissions and meeting your environmental regulations starts with a PTV Vissim simulation. 

PTV has partnered with Bosch to provide you with accurate emission results from your traffic simulations. 

Understand how your recommended solutions impact vehicle-based carbon emissions. Analyze various scenarios, consisting of traffic engineering solutions like adapted signal timing control, intelligent traffic systems or changing your vehicle types.  

Calculate emission results with Bosch's trusted cloud-based Air Quality platform, built from comprehensive country specific traffic and vehicle data. 

Micro, meso or hybrid simulation

PTV Vissim provides different resolutions within the same software:  

On a microscopic level, the traffic simulation software offers the highest level of detail, as it simulates individual vehicles and pedestrians.  

The mesoscopic model has a lower level of detail compared to a microscopic model. The advantage is that a lack of detail significantly reduces the modeling effort and speeds up the simulation. That makes the process more efficient and enables you to simulate larger regions in no time. 

With PTV Vissim, you choose the level of detail, depending on the application. If necessary, the software allows you to create a hybrid simulation that combines both micro- and mesoscopic simulations.

Simulation of autonomous and connected vehicles  

The number of autonomous and connected vehicles hitting the roads is constantly rising. Use PTV Vissim to study the driving behavior of such vehicles and their effects on traffic flow. The software simulates autonomous and connected vehicles and displays their specific motion sequences, as well as interactions with other connected and non-connected individual vehicles.  

 Create a comprehensive virtual testing environment using traffic simulation and map real traffic conditions to your infrastructure. PTV Vissim evaluates the behavior of every degree of automation.   

Traffic simulation for OEM's

We extended the PTV Vissim capabilities and benefits to the Linux OS and named it PTV Vissim Kernel. 

PTV Vissim Kernel is a headless calculation engine (kernel) that enables Linux users to work with PTV Vissim, the world’s most advanced traffic simulation software and the preferred simulation tool for OEMs and research organizations worldwide. 

PTV Vissim Kernel is the ideal tool to virtually test your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies in realistic traffic movements.

Intelligent traffic control 

Check planned measures with PTV Vissim before you implement them, thereby avoiding costly wrong decisions.  

With PTV Vissim you create a digital model of the nodes and corridors in your city. Then you add to the simulation private vehicles, freight transport, rail and road-bound public transport, or pedestrians and cyclists – the software maps all road users and their individual movement sequences and interactions. In this model, you define customized "what if" scenarios to evaluate operational countermeasures and their impact on the overall traffic flow.  

 Thanks to state-of-the-art integrated traffic management systems, you implement the appropriate measures to avoid congestions and reduce emissions in an instant. PTV Vissim allows you to map a variety of intelligent traffic management systems (or Advanced Traffic Management Systems - ATMS) to stabilize traffic flow and increase traffic safety.  

Prioritization of public transport 

Public transport is one of the pillars of combating climate change. Less congestion means fewer emissions and that benefits the climate. If you increase the attractiveness of public transport, people use them more often. This raises the operator’s profitability while alsot contributing to a livable and sustainable environment. A higher travel speed and greater timetable reliability could make the difference. 

PTV Vissim not only simulates private transport, but also public transport lines (rail and buses), different vehicle types, timetables, stops, stop types and dwell times. Modeling coordination with signal timing controls enables you to simulate different variants of public transport prioritizations and analyze the effects on public and private transport.  

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Beyond Traffic Simulation

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Virtual testing and microscopic traffic simulation in automotive development

Before a new vehicle hits the road, it is tested thousands of times – not on the streets, but in simulated virtual environments. PTV Vissim adds the complex traffic component to your testing. 

Driver assistance systems (ADAS): PTV Vissim simulates network and autonomous driving functions reliably, economically, and quickly. 

Virtual test driving: PTV Vissim offers interfaces to numerous vehicle simulation programs, such as IPG CarMaker, Virtual Test Drive, dSpace ASM, Simcenter PreScan, and many more. It complements the virtual test driving with realistic and reactive surrounding traffic.  

Real Driving Emission (RDE): Virtual tests with calibrated surrounding traffic give insights on realistic fuel consumption and emission results.

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Simulation of Pedestrians and their Walking Behavior

PTV Viswalk is a microscopic pedestrian flow simulation software. It is available both as a module of PTV Vissim, or as standalone solution. 

The microscopic pedestrian simulation depicts pedestrians and their individual interaction with each other. City and traffic planners, fire safety officers, station, airport, and event managers - all of them rely on micro-simulation to ensure safety and comfort for pedestrians, checking passage widths, installation areas, travel times, and waiting times.

Pedestrian Simulation with PTV Viswalk

Improve Air Quality with Emissions Calculations from Bosch

Cities and traffic planners can now immediately track how traffic measures, such as adapted signal control, intelligent transport systems, or different vehicle compositions, will affect vehicle emissions. This can be done by using PTV Vissim, which now allows you to integrate detailed emissions calculations from Bosch.

Bosch calculates emissions of the simulated trajectories on its cloud-based Air Quality platform, based on precise traffic and vehicle data. The new integration of this data into PTV Vissim is a perfect addition for municipal and transportation authorities, who are working to decrease emissions and to comply with environmental regulations.

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What customers say about PTV Vissim

When we plan traffic, we also want to know and assess in advance the impact on cycling. With PTV Vissim, we simulate the planned measures.

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Emil Tin
Copenhagen Center for Traffic

Using PTV Vissim, I increased the efficiency of interchanges in a crowded and traffic-loaded metropolis in Turkey.

Nima Alizadeh
Highway Design Engineer

The animations in PTV Vissim have a huge convincing power for stakeholders and decision makers.

Pedro Alves Nave
City of Lisbon

PTV Vissim was key to demonstrating the proof of concept and the performance benefits of the proposals.

Mark Roxburgh
Engineering Team Leader, National Highways

Based on the insights gained from the 3D animations in PTV Vissim, pedestrians can now safely cross the road in Lisbon.

Pedro Homem de Gouveia
City of Lisbon

PTV Vissim Set-Up

Download here the setup packages of PTV Vissim. A step by step tutorial for installing the software is provided in the document 'Installation Manual'.

Download setup packages

You can find a description of all available PTV Vissim modules here: 
Module Overview

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