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Our mission

We assist researchers, educators, and students to shape the future of transportation. We provide academic licenses for PTV Mobility software to support research and educational needs. Over 600 universities already rely on PTV software, including more than 50% of the top 100 civil engineering universities.

PTV Academic Community

Discover the new PTV Academic Community. 

The PTV Academic Community aims to be a structure that promotes the creation, exchange, and application of knowledge in current and future mobility.

It works towards being a space for exchange, growth, networking, and like-minded expansion of research, teaching, and learning skills.

Our community members are future and current leaders from the mobility, transportation, and simulation-related fields who are passionate about helping others find their voice and career paths.

Our offer to academia

PTV Academia offers students, professors, and researchers a wide range of opportunities to support their mobility studies. Our PTV Mobility full version includes PTV Vissim, PTV Visum, PTV Viswalk, and PTV Vistro, while the partial version includes one of the mobility software programs. 

Student Version* 

Thesis License*

Research License*

Academic License

For students who are interested in modeling and simulationFor BSc, MSc, Ph.D., and PostDoc students with cutting-edge research topicsFor professors and lecturers whose research topic can potentially lead to an advancement of our softwareYou will be part of our scientific network to exchange views with colleagues and learn how to optimally use PTV software in teaching and research
Trial period6-month free licenseTwo-year free licenseFull version - price on request
  • One year of the latest PTV Vissim/Visum/Viswalk version with some restrictions
  • 1kmx1km network size / 30 zones
  • Run simulations up to 600s / 45 min session
  • Save the network and write evaluations, and
  • Many more features
  • Latest PTV Mobility partial version
  • Extensive network size
  • Unlimited simulation time
  • Save the network and write evaluations, and
  • Many more features
  • Latest PTV Mobility full version
  • Extensive network size
  • Unlimited simulation time
  • Save the network and write evaluations, and
  • Many more features
  • Contact us to get your full version of our PTV software at a fraction of the standard market price!
  • Provide your students with the most up-to-date modeling software for their research projects or for in-class teaching.
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*Not allowed for commercial use

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