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PTV Group to launch new data platform: mobility data for real estate platforms, retail and transport planning.

PTV Access for Real Estate Platforms

Upgrade the value of your real-estate listings

Enhance your real estate listings with comprehensive location information. This data is calculated and provided via an interface (API) from PTV Access, which you can integrate directly into your system.

This allows you to offer your customers an additional service and set yourself apart from the competition.

Mobility data - your competitive edge

Add specific and reliable information about the location and accessibility to your property listing and answer the most pressing questions of potential buyers, such as:

  • How well connected is the property to public transportation?
  • Is there a doctor in the immediate vicinity?
  • How far is the nearest supermarket?
  • Is there an elementary school nearby?

In addition, the PTV Access API also creates an accessibility index for each property listing on your site, which indicates how easily the property can be reached by various means of transportation.

With this data and information on location and accessibility, you can offer your customers real added value and support them in their search and decision-making.

Showcase: This could be your platform

An exemplary implementation showcases the PTV Accessibility Score in action, illustrating how this index can filter real estate listings based on users' preferred destinations and transportation methods. This innovative API enables users to find properties that perfectly align with their daily mobility needs. Additionally, a strong accessibility index, indicative of a central location, significantly enhances a property's value. Therefore, the location of a property remains a vital and unchangeable factor.

This showcase is fully functional, just click on one of the listings to find out more about the individual accessibility score of each property or open the showcase in a separate browser tab.

Your Benefits of Using PTV Access

Data with added value

We refine the raw data with the help of algorithms and traffic models

Traffic Management Center information Benefit tile Optima
Always up to date

The data provided is updated regularly

Seamless integration

Thanks to the Open API standard, the APIs can be easily connected and scaled

PTV Visum reliable future planning
Cost efficient

You only pay for what you actually need.

35+ years of experience

Continuous development and research

Let's talk about your individual use case.

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