• We are pleased about a comprehensive and dynamic partner landscape. The extensive network includes industry leaders and representatives from the areas of logistics software, telematics services, master data management, sales staff and service technician planning, product resellers and system and consulting companies. Become part of our community.

Our Partners

  • InterLAN has been delivering IT solutions for TSL sector (Transport Shipping and logistics) companies since 1991. The company offers verified and advanced software to its customers, generating measurable financial and organizational results in a short time after implementation.

    InterLAN is specialized in the development of IT systems for companies operating in the field of Transport, Forwarding and Logistics. The solution interLAN SPEED supports corporate management in respect of FTL and LTL transport (Full Truck Load/ Less than Truck Load) and forwarding, fleet management, planning and optimisation of loads. The system guarantees effective performance of operating tasks and provides analytic data necessary for controlling and taking appropriate decisions.

    All system processes are executed in a logical and transparent manner. The open, modular architecture of interLAN software is its undisputed advantage, as it gives the opportunity to select and add further functionalities with extending needs of the customer.


  • Item has been developing flexible and communicative IT solutions for almost 18 years, by publishing and marketing a wide range of integrated management software packages. These packages are designed for the transport sector, logistics and for parking and workshop/garage optimisation.

    With a view to full compatibility with clients' requirements, Item is firmly committed to a policy of unique partnership by offering a wide range of integrated services. Item understands this need for continual balance between hardware solutions and software integrations.

    Over 1000 installations carried out in France to date...


  • Since 2003, Kuantic has been a creator and integrator of products and services aimed at the M2M market. Our company, based in Sophia-Antipolis, offers hand-held key network connectivity solutions (M2M SIM cards) and GSM/GPS-connected geolocation devices aimed at the automotive and industrial markets, but which are also adaptable to the Cloud universe. Thanks to its unique and patented know-how, Kuantic supplements the deployment of its M2M clients in Europe with a unique range of services surrounding on-board mobile phone technology, and, thanks to a strategic partnership with the service provider Orange, also offers M2M subscriptions. Kuantic devices, whilst offering deployment, integration and management solutions all at once, are designed and adapted to suit the M2M mass market.


  • logistik konzepte software GmbH (LKS) specialises in integration solutions and functional enhancements for telematic service providers.

    As the system integrator for TomTom Business Solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it provides features including PTV xServer functions such as automatic route optimisation, sequence optimisation, route calculation, the integration of truck attributes, distance calculation, toll calculations and digital mapping.


  • Founded in 1966, Lomaco's business activities cover the  whole of France, including its overseas territories . Today the company counts 95 employees and has its products and services undergo a quality assurance process: the software is NF certified and its maintenance services have been optimised.

    Active in many sectors as diverse as emergency medical care, funeral services, medical equipment, taxi service, mobility, administration, payroll, etc. , LOMACO has a real capacity for innovation thanks to its 25-programmers strong Development department.


  • With its products and services in programming and setting up application software, M.I.T. Multimedia Internet Telematik GmbH supports small and medium sized companies in implementing complex IT systems.

    The main focus of M.I.T. GmbH lies in the application development and in the optimisation of IT-supported business processes. Their product portfolio (MAXX-range) includes solutions from the fields fleet and transport management, telematics, trip planning and freight hold optimisation and warehouse management.

    Customers from transport, industry and trade value both the expertise of M.I.T. GmbH as well as its reliability, flexibility and its competitive prices. M.I.T. GmbH aspires to providing their customers with solutions which guarantee best possible usage with highest quality and investment security as well as state-of-the-art technology.


  • Masternaut builds and markets innovative telematics solutions tailor-made for vehicle fleets right across Europe.

    As a geolocation and eco-driving specialist, Masternaut provides businesses the tools to help them reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs and increase the efficiency and productivity of their mobile teams; all the while driving in a safe and environmentally responsible way (route optimisation, accident reduction, monitoring carbon dioxide emissions, etc.)
    Masternaut develops its technology from the ground up to provide its clients with solutions fully-tailored to their needs.

    The Masternaut offer comprises a package of scalable modules that each company can combine according to their needs and that can be developed over time. Masternaut can therefore provide a simple geolocation solution or respond to specific issues.

    Founded in 1996, Masternaut serves over 10,000 clients across 32 countries.


  • Microlise was formed in 1982. Our headquarters are in Nottingham UK, we also have offices in the USA and a network of Resellers and Partners worldwide.We employ around 160 staff with skills in software and hardware development, logistics consultancy & business analysis, project management, implementation, training and support.

    Microlise have developed a core Transport Management System product set, which we then configure and customise to deliver a perfect fit transport management solution.

    Microlise’s customers operate globally, with our system deployed across hundreds of fleets comprising tens of thousands of heavy and light commercial vehicles. These fleets operate in a range of transportation sectors, including; Retail distribution, Home delivery, Third Party Logistics, Parcels, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Aggregates.


  • The mm-lab GmbH was founded in March 2005 by five partners and since that time has successfully established itself in the fields of telematics services and telematics solutions, especially areas relating to automobile-related applications. 42 employees are employed in the fields of communication, positioning, earth sciences, software and hardware development, testing and integration. The engineers of the mm-lab GmbH develop applications and solutions for the fields electronic toll calculation, automation and management of vehicle tests, management of test sites as well as telematics for municipalities and special fleets. These developments are intended for system integrators, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, municipalities and operators of special fleets (for example, waste management companies).


  • The mobileObjects AG is the leading software and solution provider in the area of Internet-based telematics, fleet management and vehicle tracking.
    Efficient control, monitoring and management of vehicles (mobile units) are significant competitive factors for transportation, service, and service companies, as well as many other industries that control vehicles and drivers from a central location.
    The modern and inexpensive Internet-based solutions from mobileObjects AG can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Permanent communication between vehicle and control centre is the basis for sustainable cost savings, streamlined processes and conflict-free communication.


  • Navisys was founded in 1997 in Czechoslovakia. The main focus then, as now, was the development and implementation of complex applications for NAVISION, what is today Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Through extensive development and project experience, Navisys has developed into a renowned supplier of business intelligence software with additional industry-specific specialisation and more than 20 employees. In 2004, the company entered the transport logistics market with its BIZ4Logistics product. This was followed in 2005 with a solution for warehousing and distribution, BIZ4Warehousing, and two years later BIZ4BuildIn, an integrated project management solution for the construction industry. With BIZ4Elements, Navisys has also developed an efficient solution for production planning and management.


  • Nomattitude is an innovative publisher of planning and geolocation solutions.

    Nomattitude is different from traditional planning tools in that it adds a geographic aspect to your schedules.

    Nomattitude's solutions reduce the number of useless kilometres your travelling teams have to cover, save time and improve your customer service. What's more, you get a management tool that helps you make decisions in real time. Its simplicity and user-friendliness make it an ideal solution for SMEs.


  • The intensive collaboration between logisticians and IT professionals lead to the founding of Opus//G and the development of the OPUS//SUITE in the late 90s. OPUS//SUITE is a flexible, fully modular logistics management system based on Microsoft .NET technology. The basic system offers all the services and software modules for manual and automated operation of warehouse systems and can be expanded as needed with additional functional modules. The solution of OPUS//G is industry-independent and therefore free from the stipulations of a special organisational and technical environment. For individual industries such as food&beverages and the chemical industry, OPUS//G offers special add-on solutions.


  • Ornicar is a company that has specialised in geolocalisation for more than 10 years now.

    They are particularly dedicated to providing their customers with solutions tailored to specific needs. They know every user has individual requirements.

    Their basic solutions include :

    • a Web portal that allows for real-time vehicle tracking, visualisation of  historical vehicle data and alert management
    • a service that allows users to automatically send activity reports (in Microsoft Excel), including a map of the routes taken

    Among their regular clients are: Soprema, Vinci Construction, Eurovia, Kéolys, Indesit, LVL Médical…


  • ParCon provides full service for SAP products and is specialized in innovative Add-On solutions. Our renowned customers from various industries have trusted us to implement
    perfectly tailored applications and SAP Add-Ons in mission critical areas to help them develop sustainable competitive advantages. Efficient SAP consulting and development
    are at the heart of the ParCon portfolio. We excel in leading SAP Add-Ons, e.g. for the transport-, visit- and resource planning or the document workflow. Consistent customer
    orientation and the willingness to ‚go the extra mile‘ are fundamental principles deeply entrenched within ParCon‘s organization.


  • Prios is a services company with a three-pillar role:

    • IT system architect,
    • ERP systems publisher,
    • New information technologies developer and integrator.

    These three pillars complement each other and are backed up by a very sector-based approach.

    The first pillar develops a package of components to help businesses design their IT system.

    The second pillar helps to cover all key functions of the company. As an ERP systems publisher, Prios develops business-specific software solutions in the following fields:

    • Personal goods and lifestyle (shoes, clothing, accessories, linens, decoration, etc.)
    • Agribusiness (cereal chain, agricultural supplies, animal feed, milling, drinks, etc.)
    • SME and SMI administration (pay, HRIS, management, decision-making tools, accountancy and financial management, etc.)

    The third pillar is indispensable for implementing an IT system's operational architecture. Consistency across all components of an IT project and the soundness of the solution provided lead to a perfect result guaranteed.

    The Prios Group is made up of over 1200 projects operating across the world and has over 20 years of experience to offer its customers.



  • Quintiq’s Mission Is to Empower Businesses to Plan for Profit. The ultimate goal of Quintiq is to empower companies to make planning decisions based on what creates business value. Quintiq advanced planning & scheduling software allows organizations to overcome the difficulty of planning the utilization of employees, resources and processes, with multiple rules and constraints.

    Quintiq software is capable of generating the best possible planning solution to suit any business model, even in the most complex and dynamic of planning environments. In this way we enable businesses to achieve more with their existing resources.


  • Rinkai s.r.o. is a Czech company that mainly focuses on the optimisation of transport and logistic processes. It offers innovative algorithms and tools for a variety of tasks, for example, vehicle routing problems or optimisation of production and logistics networks. All these algorithms and tools are suitable for customers involved with both simple and highly complex logistical processes in any industry sector. The strong results-oriented focus of the company is valued by many local and international customers.


  • SCR INFORMATIQUE was established in 1990 by Frédéric Nunge and over the years has specialised in dedicated software design for medical transportation (ambulances and taxis), hearses, road transport companies, wine merchants and artisans.

    SCR Informatiques is also the number one supplier of dedicated software to SAMU (French medical emergency service) in the region of Brittany and Pays de la Loire:

    SAMU Rennes, Brest, Vannes, Saint Brieuc, Nantes, Le Mans, Laval, La Roche-sur-Yon, Dreux, Saint-Lo, Limoges, Poitiers, Orléans, Châteauroux, etc.

    Their customers also include over 700 medical transport companies throughout France and its overseas departments and territories.