• Easy integration with PTV Drive&Arrive API

    Easy integration thanks to API architecture

    PTV Drive&Arrive is based on a state-of-the-art concept and architecture and delivered as a RESTful JSON API. It can be used with most programming languages and integrated into almost all software systems easily and quickly. We ease the implementation process for you by offering:

  • Pay-as-you-use with PTV Drive&Arrive

    Pay-as-you-use without integration or maintenance costs

    PTV Drive&Arrive charges 15 cents per trip monitored. That's all. There's no additional cost for the initial integration or for ongoing maintenance. The number of stops per trip, subscribers and installations is unlimited.

  • PTV Drive&Arrive calculates the ETA with unique algorithm

    Unique algorithm that considers all relevant variables

    Developing an algorithm that calculates the expected arrival times of trucks accurately is complex. The good news: We have already done that part for you. PTV Drive&Arrive calculates the ETA by taking into account all relevant variables, including:

  • Real-time ETA monitoring with PTV Drive&Arrive

    Real-time ETA monitoring thanks to seamless data transfer

    Once you're finished planning your trip in your route planning system (for example PTV Route Optimiser, you can transfer it to PTV Drive&Arrive. PTV Drive&Arrive assigns a unique ID number, the so-called SCEMID, to each trip. This ID can be distributed among all stakeholders in the transportation chain and gives them the option to subscribe to automatic ETA notifications in case of delays.