PTV Arrival Board visualises arrivals in real-time

  • Warehouses usually assign unloading time slots to incoming deliveries. However, traffic jams or incidents on the way cause delays and chaos at the ramp. What's needed to boost efficiency is a better overview of arrivals and immediate information about impending delays. That's where the PTV Arrival Board comes in: Like the arrival board at an airport it visualises incoming deliveries, their real-time ETA and impending delays. This way, it enables yard and warehouse managers to keep an overview over the ramp schedule and allows them to manage unloading time slots as well as downstream processes flexibly.

Integrate PTV Drive&Arrive into your system

  • You don't need a full solution that comes with a user interface, but rather want to visualise estimated arrival times within your yard, ramp or time window management system? No problem! PTV Drive&Arrive is a developer component, delivered as a RESTful JSON API, that can integrated into most systems easily and quickly. Moreover, PTV Drive&Arrive is fully integrated with logistics platforms like Cargoclix, providing their users with a very accurate ETA.

PTV Trip Viewer: Visualising trips with all stops and ETAs in real-time

  • PTV Trip Viewer is a free, web-based service powered by PTV Drive&Arrive. It provides an overview of the estimated arrival times at all stops of a trip, compares them to the planned arrival times and calculates the expected deviation.

    Every stakeholder in the transportation chain can access the overview at no cost and check when their inbound deliveries are due all they need is the SCEMID of the trip. Available as a software component, the PTV Trip Viewer can also be integrated into any website via iFrame. By providing this free overview, PTV Trip Viewer facilitates transparency and efficiency among all stakeholders of the transportation chain.

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