From time-saving to profit increase, our customers are proof that PTV Map&Guide is the route planning standard in the logistics industry

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  • Rothschild nutzt PTV Map&Guide für die Routenplanung
  • Valorplast nutzt PTV Map&Guide für die Routenplanung
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    • Keep track of all your transport costs

      Whether you need to calculate exact toll costs, mileage, delivery types, or even personnel costs, our transport cost calculator contains a comprehensive range of route based on trucks/HGV attributes and other vehicle-related data so you can avoid hidden costs.

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    • Specially made for drivers

      PTV Map&Guide is made for drivers. It includes relevant features such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) service notifications, drive and rest times, truck navigation, precise distance calculations, and hazardous goods restrictions to eliminate unnecessary road detours and delays. The software also offers a Europe-wide truck stops and parking database along the motorways, including a reservation feature.

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    • Stress-free route planner

      With our state-of-the-art truck dispatching and data management software, you always have an overview of all the logistical processes and assure transparency with all stakeholders from all your internal departments – from procurement, via transportation planning right to invoicing. From managing customer and route address data to managing drivers and fleets, PTV Map&Guide helps you automate your business.

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    • Make sound business decisions

      Understand how delivery costs affect your profit by knowing the actual cost per trip through advance calculation. PTV Map&Guide offers break-even analysis so you can maximise your profit margin and view the cost breakdown. Determine which service delivery is the most profitable and compare different route planning scenarios.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the internet and intranet versions?
      • Internet version: Online access to our software, including regular updates
      • Intranet version: Local installation of our software on your own server

      The internet version of PTV Map&Guide is all about flexibility. Just log in through an internet browser anywhere, anytime. There is no hardware or intensive training required. PTV Map&Guide internet is as intuitive as it is user-friendly. Automatic updates are rolled out regularly to ensure that you are always using the latest version with up-to-date data. The intranet version of PTV Map&Guide is installed locally in your company. It is designed particularly for larger companies with cross-departmental access to the software. Once the one-off installation is completed, your employees will be able to access it.

  • How much does route planning with PTV Map&Guide cost?
    • The internet version of PTV Map&Guide costs €49 per month and per user. For the locally installed intranet version for at least 20 users, we will gladly make you an individual offer.

  • What does the PTV Map&Guide toll data include?
    • The toll data includes all toll charges as well as one-off tolls such as for bridges or tunnels across Europe, North America, and Australia. All toll data can be called up on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. All relevant toll-paying road sections are automatically marked with the corresponding cost factor. You can always be sure that these are updated with the current charges. PTV Map&Guide is in direct contact with toll suppliers and ensures updates are provided immediately. 

  • How often is the toll data updated and where does it come from?
    • PTV Group is in direct contact with data suppliers throughout Europe and is promptly informed of upcoming changes to tolls and new toll-paying road sections. PTV's data department is constantly updating the maps to ensure that you always receive up-to-date toll charges.

      Note: If you want to exclude toll-paying sections from route planning, you can specify this in the settings. PTV Map&Guide will then calculate an alternative route without tolls that is suitable for trucks and HGVs.

  • How can you avoid specific routes, such as sections of motorways, and calculate alternatives?
    • Once specified in your vehicle’s profile settings, your preferences are taken into account when you plan your routes.

  • How are restrictions visualised on the map?
    • Routes excluded due to personal preferences can still be displayed. Opt to view detailed route information and make manual changes to your route as needed.

  • Where do you set driving times and rest periods?
    • You can set driving and rest times for an individual driver as well as for two drivers at the same time. The PTV Map&Guide database contains all statutory guidelines on this topic and ensures that statutory driving times do not exceed and that the rest times are complied with.

      Note: Based on the set or maximum driving time, the software automatically searches for suitable parking spaces for interim stop-off points and directs your driver to these spots. If the driver cannot reach the destination in time due to traffic disruption, the system automatically reverts to the closest parking spaces available.

Flexible software components instead of full software?

  • Are you rather interested in particular features to integrate into your existing logistics or telematics software?  Why don't you have a look at our PTV xServer software components!
    PTV xServer are scalable, flexible, easy to integrate and above all - they help you to optimise every logistics process.


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