Transport costs calculation with confidence

  • PTV Map&Guide is the most precise transport cost calculator available. The software gives you a detailed overview of the exact road freight costs based on your truck or HGV fleet profiles.


PTV Map&Guide provides the perfect foundation for your calculations

    • Vehicle costs

      Create individual vehicle profiles as soon as you register to use the software. Then, add your cost per kilometre of road or hour of driving time and the fixed cost in the saved profiles. You can also include other parameters such as stays at stop-off points, drive and rest times, kilometre rates or tariff zone models. This data is automatically added to your route planner when you select the individual vehicle profile for the route.

    • Other route costs and high-quality maps

      PTV Map&Guide also knows about any other costs which may be incurred on your route, such as rates for ferries. The maps provided are based on high-quality mapping data from the European market leader, NAVTEQ. This wide-range mapping data provides you with the best transport route you can
      rely on.


    • Toll costs

      Toll costs are updated continuously and gathered from toll suppliers, and then integrated automatically when calculating all costs with PTV Map&Guide. Whether you use trucks or HGVs, our route planner can determine the exact cost based on the vehicles you use.