• The biggest transport and logistics company in the Podkarpacie region, Omega Pilzno Godawski & Godawski Sp. z o.o., decided to implement Map&Guide from PTV, a system that supports the everyday work of transport planners by enabling them to estimate the cost of a trip with pinpoint accuracy to plan the best possible route.

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  • Omega Pilzno Godawski & Godawski Sp. z o.o. has been providing logistics services all over Europe for 25 years. The company offers international and domestic transport services with a fleet of around 700 vehicles of well-known makes, organizing about 6,000 trips a month. The company continually invests in modern means of transport and introduces innovative logistics solutions, effectively competing among European carriers. In order to optimize costs and increase the efficiency of its service, the company decided to introduce a system that provides route planning support to forwarding agents. After analyzing the solutions available on the market, Omega Pilzno has chosen PTV Map&Guide, which can easily and quickly determine, with high accuracy, the cost of transport and plan the best possible route, taking into account any transport restrictions.



    The goal was to gain the capability to calculate the cost of transport with high accuracy to choose the best possible route, as well as to increase the profitability of orders.


    The company selected PTV Map&Guide, software that supports the work of forwarding agents, and started to standardize the route planning process.


    The company’s forwarding agents can analyze the break-even point of an order quickly and easily. The software enables comparison between multiple scenarios, and can create more profitable proposals, ensuring full certainty of costs and the best possible route choice.

  • Before the Implementation

    Before the system was implemented, the company had used multiple programs to analyze transport orders, but these programs only displayed approximate costs, and the results were below the level of profitability that the company expected. When planning a route, the company’s employees mostly looked at the rate per kilometer and the distance between point A and point B, usually choosing the fastest or the shortest option. This approach often made them choose “expensive” routes, for example, via Switzerland, where road tolls are very high. The data was imprecise, and there were significant discrepancies.

  • Accurate route planning and transport cost calculation

    Currently, thanks to PTV Map&Guide, route and cost analysis is carried out entirely by the forwarding agent, who now can see the cost of transport and analyze the breakeven point for a given order quickly and easily. The system analyzes all transport restrictions, including changing costs of roads, tunnels or bridges tolls; official data relating to trucks and hazardous goods, such as vehicle height, width, length, total weight and axle load limits; driving bans (for example, on vehicles above 3.5 tons), or other obstacles, such as “residents only” signs. Additionally, the system displays information about permanent construction sites and up-to-the-minute road information, using it for route planning purposes. Importantly, PTV Map&Guide regularly updates information about road toll rates in European countries, including any planned changes. As a result, the freight forwarder can calculate the cost of transport very precisely and plan the best possible route right away.

    The implementation of PTV Map&Guide went smoothly. The system is very intuitive so that new employees could learn how to use it quickly. However, before they start using the program in their daily work, they have to attend a training and pass a test to verify their knowledge of the system’s functionality. Currently, about 40 people use the program.



    After the implementation of PTV Map&Guide, the scope of the forwarding agents’ duties has changed significantly. Earlier, one of the drivers contacted a planner, who assigned a route to the driver, who in turn communicated it to the person who calculated transport costs. Currently, one person is responsible for all of these processes.

    “First of all, our forwarding agents are now more aware of the costs of routes in different countries. Now, our transport planners know that they have to consider a number of factors, rather than just the distance between two points on the road. If, for some reason, they select a more expensive route (for example, because we are shipping fast moving consumer goods), they know that the price for the customer also has to be different. Importantly, the system does all the work here, and it works very fast. Thanks to PTV Map&Guide, we know exactly what road tolls we have to pay and what route we need to follow. Given the number of transport jobs that we handle, this ensures significant savings for the company,” says Piotr Bryg, Omega Pilzno.

    “I can fully recommend PTV Map&Guide as far as the functions that we use are concerned. At the moment, the system meets our expectations, and we may start using it for other purposes in the future,” he adds.

    Now, forwarding agents have all the data required to calculate the cost of a transport order right at their fingertips, and a price estimation can be ready in seconds. This means that the customer can get to know the estimated cost of transport during the phone call, which is an extremely convenient solution that gives the company an edge over other transport companies. What is more, map operations have made it possible to eliminate earlier mistakes and verify routes. By optimizing these processes, Omega Pilzno has not only saved money, but also improved customer service quality.

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