• With PTV Route Optimiser you always know where your vehicles are and when they will reach their destination. Make use of the automatic notification function to inform your customers about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their orders. Whenever and however you want.


  • Inform customers automatically

    As soon as route planning and scheduling is final, PTV Route Optimiser enables you to effortlessly inform your customers about the expected delivery date and ETA and to send updates should delays occur. For your planners, this means less time spent on the phone informing recipients of delays. For your customers, this means higher planning reliability and transparency.

    With PTV Route Optimiser you can:

    • Proactively inform senders and recipients of precise ETAs
    • Send notifications by e-mail or text message
    • Decide when notifications are sent
    • Add your company logo and signature to the notification
  • Up-to-date arrival time

    PTV Route Optimiser calculates every delivery to the minute and gives you precise information on deviations of actual to planned arrival times. Decide whether you want to inform customers about every delay, or only after a delay of at least 30 minutes.

    This is where PTV Drive&Arrive comes in: This service continuously monitors the progress of all vehicles and constantly calculates the current ETA. The system sends an update automatically should the current ETA deviate from the arrival time communicated to the customer.

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