• Many companies work with so-called “milk rounds” or “bus routes”: In these cases, drivers often have “their” regular daily or weekly routes and know “their” area. The customer base and order situation of these companies is relatively stable; schedules and routes have proven efficient and effective in everyday operations and hardly change.

    Contrary to expectations, milk rounds and bus tours, too, can be optimised with routing and scheduling software. Why? Because external circumstances (e.g. infrastructure), customers and their requirements (e.g. changes in opening hours and delivery windows) and your own priorities and requirements (e.g. number of vehicles) may have changed since the routes were first introduced. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate existing routes and adapt them to changes regularly.


Optimisation of existing and regularly executed routes

  • Simply transfer your existing routes into PTV Route Optimiser via easy-to-use interfaces. The transport planning software analyses the routes and evaluates potential for improvement: Assigning a customer to a different driver, adding an additional stopover at a depot or simply changing the sequence of deliveries might already boost efficiency substantially.

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