• Optimize transfer times and passenger exchange

    A passenger’s or traveler’s walking behavior is influenced by the infrastructure, the timetable and the walking behavior of other travelers. These interactions are highly complex and the resulting consequences can rarely be recognized at first glance. The microscopic, individual simulation with PTV Viswalk will give you a comprehensive overview of the dynamics and walkways of the pedestrians in the traffic node. Simulate the pedestrian flows in railway stations or airports in order to analyze transfer and change times and to identify capacities of existing or planned infrastructures.

    • Simulate pedestrians with individual parameters and behavior.
    • Simulate how pedestrians wait for trains or board and disembark. (watch video: PTV Vissim and PTV Viswalk: Simulation of pedestrians boarding and disembarking from a streetcar)
    • Simulate how pedestrian traffic can also affect a possibly connected simulation of the public transportation system and, in turn, delays also lead to a different time distribution of pedestrian volumes at the station. (watch video: Simulation of passengers alighting from a streetcar)
    • Measure traveling times and dead times, i.e. check if the time until the departure of a connecting train is sufficient to actually reach the connecting train, for example.
    • Measure densities, i.e. find bottlenecks with congestion potential
    • Measure and visualize level of service
    • Assess many more variables
    • Generate animations which, for example, enable the public to be included in the project planning


  • Simulation of an unusually high volume of changing passengers at the station in Baden-Baden caused by a replacement bus service
    Use PTV Viswalk to analyze the walkways of pedestrian flows at peak periods with high passenger volumes.

  • Complying with strict regulation

    The pedestrian simulation software helps to evaluate and address regulatory compliance with local and international safety rules. By testing different scenarios in PTV Viswalk, the software can tell you precisely if the infrastructure is safe for people or not.

  • Assessing the impact of pedestrians on the street

    As city planners or event organisers, you should establish as an early priority that you can manage a crowd safely for any type of scenario. Even if it takes place in open spaces, a strict crowd management principle should be applied to make it as safe as possible. Here is where PTV Viswalk comes in. It can identify any key hazards that affect crowd and pedestrian safety so you can create a comprehensive crowd management plan. Other stakeholders such as police and the local authority can be briefed thoroughly based on the detailed simulation the PTV Viswalk provides.