• PTV Visum ticks all the right boxes

    Our transportation modelling software understands your needs and delivers a high-quality performance to empower you and your city. It is the fastest transport planning software in the world with built-in error checking. Scripting is also optional – you don’t have to do it – so you can learn to use the software in no time.

    • Saves you time with on-the-fly analysis and lets you test more scenarios to gain deeper insights
    • Multi-resolution modelling with built-in Dynamic Traffic Assignment on macroscopic and mesoscopic levels, and seamless linkage to PTV Vissim
    • All the transportation planning functionalities you would expect, plus advanced features such as activity-based demand modelling
    • Intuitive and highly visual with 3D views
    • Data fusion with maps from TomTom, HERE, and much more
    • Technical support deployed within 24h, with webinars, user group meetings and an ctive community with large user base
    • With PTV Visum Publisher, you can create interactive dashboards, maps and visualisations for your customers and partners from your Visum data in no time at all

    With over 40 years of research and development and over 10,000 licensed users, PTV Visum is no doubt the world’s leading transportation planning software.