• PTV Map&Market enables you to optimise your field force management at the push of a button – regardless of the size of your team or customer base. The software calculates routes and schedules that take all restrictions and customer wishes into account, while ensuring that your resources are fully utilised. The result: Your employees spend less time on the road and more time meeting with customers. And you are able to grow your customer base without increasing your headcount.


Strategic and operational field force planning in one tool

  • PTV Map&Market covers all aspects of field force management. In addition to optimised sales territories, the software supports you with both strategic and tactical tasks:

    • Strategic analysis of employee utilisation and decision support: Evaluate the expected demand for field workers for the upcoming year.
    • Tactical staffing and scheduling decisions with a horizon of four to twelve weeks: Provide your field staff with weekly or daily plans or visit sequences.

Optimise field force planning with PTV Map&Market

  • Import customer data into PTV Map&Market easily thanks to standardised interfaces for the most commonly used CRM systems. Relevant data may include opening hours and addresses. The software calculates all possible scenarios and determines the optimal schedule. Thanks to the world's fastest distance matrix technology, this only takes a few minutes even for thousands of customers. The software first plans meetings that must be held in a given period, for instance in order to comply with an agreed-upon visit frequency. 

  • Then, it arranges meetings that could be done in the given period, for instance because it has been a while since the last visit. The field force planning tool automatically arranges the visits in an optimised order and suggests an ideal sequence. Times for breaks and journeys are included in the plan. The sales representatives can display the calculated route in their calendars and on a digital map.

  • And if something changes? Adapt plans spontaneously and flexibly!

    An appointment took longer than expected, another one was cancelled on short notice and a third was added ad hoc – no problem for PTV Map&Market as the calculated schedules can be manually changed at any time. If an appointment has been moved, changed, inserted or deleted, the system recalculates and creates a new and optimised schedule within seconds. Of course, booked appointments are not changed. Rather, new meetings are planned around them. This way, the software guarantees both flexibility and planning reliability.

  • Do you have questions?

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