• PTV Map&Market enables you to carry out geographical market analyses, display customer data on digital maps and thereby visualise regional connections. Identify your company's A, B and C customers, recognise high-turnover territories and untapped sales opportunities with just one glance at the map. Derive valuable insights for your marketing strategy and plan communicative measures.


  • Make spatial connections visible with these functions

  • Market characteristics, demographics and purchasing power

    Recognise the market potential of a territory quickly. Pick display and colouring and include symbols as you wish.

  • Customer segmentation and analysis of competition

    Where are your customers with the highest turnover, where are your competitors? View your A, B and C customers and keep tabs on your competitors.

  • Penetration and response analysis

    Present and compare the market penetration of different regions easily. Evaluate the response rate of your marketing campaigns and analyse socio-economic factors as well as preferences in the corresponding area.

  • Coverage and accessibility

    Find out wether locations and the area surrounding them fulfill certain criteria and recognise excess supply and shortages in all territories.

  • Visualisation of flows of goods

    How are your flows of goods organised? Discover options for optimisation at one glance.

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