• Unique TIA structure

    What better way to assess the existing roadway infrastructure and its ability to move traffic than using PTV Vistro? It is the ideal software for traffic impact analysis (TIA) as it guides users through the traditional methodology where trips are generated, distributed, assigned, and the final volumes are then assessed to determine the delay and level of service (LOS).

Easy network setup

  • PTV Vistro offers complete and easy network setup that includes zones to represent new development sites. Easy input of trip generation rates for each zone, the trip distribution between zones and gates, and path shares for specific trip paths complete the assignment of development traffic to the network. More features to let you work efficiently include:

    • Bing maps, drag & drop, intersection templates and "snap-to-handles" facilitate efficient network set-up
    • Templates for lane combinations and traffic-regulating elements simplify lane and control configuration at intersections

Manage multiple scenarios seamlessly

  • With the Scenario Management feature, the robust traffic software allows you to manage the analyses for different time periods and even various development scenarios all in a single project. PTV Vistro smartly reduces work and errors while increasing quality in an organized file structure.

  • Combine with PTV Visum and PTV Vissim

    In addition to the traffic impact analysis tool, you can import existing networks from PTV Visum, PTV Vissim or other software solutions. With the Abstract Network Model (ANM), PTV Vistro also offers an XML interface for the import of networks.