Critical Infrastructure

More safety on the road

  • Threats to traffic systems and their users, which are associated with significant economic damage and human suffering, are increasingly becoming a focus of public attention. In particular, threats in connection with climate change, big accidents and extremism.

    We are formulating solutions that enable an identification of especially critical transport infrastructures, the analysis of threat situations and an assessment of their effects and risks against the background of possible protective measures. Here we are linking methods and tools from different traffic knowledge areas and PTV software solutions to one another. Our analyses are equally focused on the traffic flows on the civil works and on the individual road user and are aimed at effective protection of infrastructures and their users.

    Our solutions purposefully show the owners and operators of transport infrastructures which network sections are especially critical and which protective measures are suitable against the background of the overall economic significance.

    • Our fields of activity:

        • Critical nature analyses for identification of critical infrastructures
        • Concepts and cost evaluations for relevant infrastructure protective measures
        • Model-based determination of traffic effects