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Tell your mobility story with attractive visualizations

PTV Visum Publisher provides personalized cloud-based dashboards from PTV Visum data. Use it to tell your mobility story with clear visualizations. Collaborate directly with experts, planners, stakeholders, and the public. PTV Visum Publisher's integrated workflows enable you to quickly create and share dashboards with beautiful maps and animations. Use the intuitive tools and filters to share the right scenarios, maps, animations, and data charts – during your presentations, meetings, and virtual events.

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Benefits of PTV Visum Publisher

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: scenario comparison
Scenario Comparisons

Easily create numerous scenarios and visually compare KPIs, maps, and charts.

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: interactive dashboards
Interactive Dashboards

Build flexible visualizations with intuitive tools, filters, and overlays for your audience to click and explore.

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: Collaborative editing and comments
Commenting and Reviewing

Provide feedback, ask questions and interact with your team and stakeholders.

PTV Visum Publisher collaboration
Collaborative Editing with Team and Public Sharing

Work as a team, build dashboards, collaborate, and share results with stakeholders and the public.

PTV Visum Publisher cloud based
Cloud-based Animations

Create powerful animations with a playback bar, full pan, tilt, zoom controls and 3D maps.

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: data security
Data Security and Privacy

Your data and privacy are protected using our secure infrastructure and European data centers.

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: no install
No Installation or Updates

Always work with the latest release including up-to-date features directly from your web browser.

Fast Uploads, Updates, and Access

Import and update your data in the cloud and access your dashboards anywhere.

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: personalized
Personalized Maps

Choose and customize numerous 2D and 3D map styles that help you tell your mobility story.

Key features of PTV Visum Publisher

Data and trajectories

Upload data and trajectories to the cloud starting with the latest PTV Visum 2021 version. Easily select your data in PTV Visum and comfortably send relevant objects and attributes to PTV Visum Publisher. Uploads are handled in the background and you are informed once it is time to start creating dashboards with your data.


Create animations from public transport timetables, dynamic assignments, and demand-responsive transport (DRT) fleets. Select your time ranges across multiple scenarios and upload trajectories to PTV Visum Publisher. Speed up, slow down, or select your playback position with the control bar.

Dashboard Collaboration

Collaborate together to create customizable dashboards that fit your specific use cases and the target audience. Create detailed dashboards that help you calibrate and review PTV Visum models, compare scenarios, and enable you to pinpoint specific details. And, at the same time, let a teammate help you build dashboards with stunning visuals and animations geared for a public or key stakeholder presentation and virtual events.

Comparison and analysis

Compare dashboards and animations across different analysis periods, existing and forecast years, and various project scenarios. Select scenarios with button, slider, or drop-down enabling you to reuse a dashboard's map, charts, and animation settings, and quickly switch to your available scenarios to see the differences in your KPIs.


Easily update dashboards and animations with new data. PTV Visum Publisher eliminates the reprocessing of maps, charts, and figures - and the transferring of data into parallel spreadsheets. It keeps dashboards in one integrated product. When you have new data and scenarios to upload, simply send it to the cloud from PTV Visum, and PTV Visum Publisher will automatically update your dashboards.

Explore interactive dashboards created with PTV Visum Publisher

Berlin’s workplace accessibly and U-Bahn supply

Tour the morning commute in Berlin with an animated U-Bahn service map. Investigate which workplaces are reachable by transit in 30 minutes.

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15 years of traffic counts in Texas

Explore 15 years of traffic counts across Texas. Monitor trends in Dallas and Houston and along I-35 and I-10 with Publisher's scenario slider.

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Frankfurt main train station reachability

Discover how far you can go from the Frankfurt main train station in 15 minutes. Use the toggles to change travel modes.

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Integration with PTV Visum

Integrated workflow brings a hassle-free experience

PTV Visum Publisher is perfectly integrated with PTV Visum, the world’s most advanced transport planning software. Easily connect to your secure account. Then, seamlessly upload your data to the cloud. No extra training is required, and an intuitive and easy-to-learn interface will get you productive immediately. PTV Visum Publisher is fully accessible with your web browser - no downloads, installations, or updates required. As a result, you are always working in the latest version everywhere without troubling your IT department. Get your visualizations out there! Share with others through secure and easy-to-manage team and public link options.

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Number of models and scenarios unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of dashboards 10 20 20
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add up to 25 users; team access and management

add up to 50 users; team access and management
Publicly sharable dashboards 1 10 20
Invite internal and external team members x yes yes
Team commenting and reviewing x yes yes
Contract period 30-days; no cancellation required upgrade from trial for automatic renewals monthly (contact sales for available annual subscription options) upgrade from trial for automatic renewals monthly (contact sales for available annual subscription options)
Payment method x
(no credit card required for trial)
credit card and SEPA payments accepted credit card and SEPA payments accepted


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