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Monitor and predict traffic in real-time

PTV Flows is a cost-effective and hassle free solution for real-time traffic management. The cloud-based software visualizes problems in the road network and can detect or anticipate unexpected congestion.

The automatic alerts help traffic operators to proactively manage traffic, reduce the length of delays, improve safety, and increase the efficiency of the transport system.

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This is how PTV Flows works

PTV Flows allows traffic operators to effortlessly monitor and predict traffic in real-time. By leveraging machine learning, state-of-the-art algorithms, and automatic alerts, PTV Flows enables cities and road authorities to optimize their traffic management without the need for extensive resources or complex infrastructure.

Therefore, PTV Flows comes with a network map that is updated automatically and floating car data (FCD) from major data provider TomTom with extensive coverage. The software can be run from the browser or be integrated via API into existing systems.

To get the software up and running, traffic operators simply need to select the parts of the road network they want to monitor and set up alerts based on customizable KPIs. Now they can devote themselves to other tasks and wait for the first alert email to pop up, that might read like this: “In 30 minutes, the speed on Main Road will be under 20 km/h.”

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Why you should consider PTV Flows

Maps & Data
Bundle: Software + Data

All necessary maps and data are included in the package and automatically updated

PTV Visum reliable future planning

Only pay for the amount of km, users, KPIs you need; no costly hardware or infrastructure necessary

PTV Optima dashboards
No installation necessary

PTV Flows is cloud-based, self-updating and easily scalable

Benefit tile police
No need for manual monitoring

PTV Flows runs in the background and automatically informs the operator about current or upcoming incidents

save time
Take timely actions

Leverage machine learning technology and self-learning forecasts to proactively manage traffic

PTV Vistad nahtlose Integration seamless integration
Full support for API and automation workflows

KPIs and link-based results are available through a REST based API

Key Functions

Self-Updating Traffic Forecasts

Short-term prediction of traffic flows is crucial for traffic management control rooms. Forecasted speeds and focused KPI monitoring zones reveal patterns and trends not immediately obvious. With predictions up to 60 minutes ahead, operators can proactively manage traffic flow. 

PTV Flows is self-learning and updates weekly, utilizing historical data and AI for accurate forecasts.

Predictive Automatic Alerting

PTV Flows' automatic and predictive alerts preempt traffic issues, saving time and resources. By automating monitoring, it reduces human intervention, allowing operators to prioritize urgent tasks. 

Automatic email alerts ensure relevant stakeholders are informed promptly and can be tailored to individual preferences, including updates upon issue resolution.

Customization & Flexibility

PTV Flows adapts to your needs, monitoring a range from streets to entire regions, scalable as focus changes. The advantage: You only pay for what you need. 

Customizable KPI alerts offer detailed insights tailored to your corridor or area, supporting informed decision-making. Data export options and API integration enhance analysis and system integration.

A selection of use cases

Motorway network

  • Network performance indicators for the road authority
  • Predictive alerts of queues for possible traffic rerouting


  • Comprehensive traffic monitoring and forecast for the whole network
  • Traffic management with automatic alerts for 3rd party system (e.g. VMS)
  • Timely notification of problems to stakeholders (e.g. urban police)

Construction site monitoring

  • Real-time impact assessment of construction sites (through KPI)
  • Queue monitoring around the construction site

Pre/Post studies

  • Activate PTV Flows and monitor variations of KPIs before and after any intervention, roadwork, signal timings etc

FCD tenders

  • Participate in tenders that require FCD data
  • FCD data delivery via API

Event/Transportation hubs

  • Organizers of congresses, fairs, sport events, airports and other hubs can monitor and inform people about reachability (to/from)

PTV Flows + Centracs® Mobility: Your toolkit for advanced traffic signal control

Econolite’s Centracs® Mobility Platform, the industry-leading Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) now integrates PTV Flows. With this integration, Centracs Mobility is the only ATMS capable of moving traffic signal optimizations from reactive to proactive.

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Why SaaS?

PTV Flows SaaS is a cutting-edge technology that will transform your real-time traffic management. Embrace the simplicity, flexibility, and security that our cloud-based solution offers:

  • Accessible via the Internet, PTV Flows SaaS provides the agility needed to quickly respond to evolving problems in your road network without the hassle of extensive resources or complex infrastructure. 
  • The automated traffic monitoring process based on AI accelerates productivity, reduces errors, and fosters collaboration across teams to reach the right decisions.
  • PTV Flows cloud-solution provides regular updates and enhancements, providing access to the latest features and robust security measures. 

Learning & Support

PTV Flows Tutorials

A series of tutorials to help you use PTV Flows. From creating email alerts, to exporting KPI chart data and more!

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Blog Post
PTV Optima vs PTV Flows

Which Traffic Management Software is Best for You?

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White paper: Digitize your city's traffic management in less than a month

Efficient traffic management is crucial for creating sustainable and liveable cities. The path to an efficient traffic dashboard is much easier than you might think and, with the help of our white paper, can be ready in under a month.

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API & Documentation
PTV Flows APIs

PTV Flows API provides a new level of modularity to your traffic management system. Discover our KPI & Street Forecast API.

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PTV Help Desk Portal

Get in touch with our experts for professional product support or browse our help articles.

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