PTV Optima

Real-time traffic management software for multimodal networks

PTV Optima delivers detailed traffic forecasts and monitoring dashboards, so you always have complete overview of the situation and take the right actions.  

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The traffic management software PTV Optima connects to all your sensor data, including from public transportation. It helps operators identify the best scenarios to manage congestion, road closures and construction sites, and to accurately simulate the resulting network performances.  

PTV Optima continuously reacts to changing conditions. It provides live information, enabling you to optimize network efficiency and increase user satisfaction - without adding new roads or services. 

Customers who are satisfied with PTV Optima

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Why you should consider PTV Optima

PTV Optima detailed forecast
Detailed Forecast

Get unique traffic information for every road, intersection and lane

PTV Viswalk numerous scenarios
Scenario evaluation

Find the most effective action plan for your traffic operations

PTV optima multimodal

Monitor and forecast in real-time both road and pt networks

PTV Optima fast

Forecast up to 30,000 km of roads in less than a minute

PTV Optima dashboards

Create personalized dashboards, to always have a complete overview

PTV Optima multimodular

Buy and activate only the modules you need

PTV Optima alerts
Alerts and triggers

Identify issues and trigger automatic actions

PTV Optima microscopic simulation
Microscopic simulation

Get the richness of PTV Vissim in your real-time traffic management

Top functions of the real-time traffic management system

Traffic data analysis

Get a detailed overview of the network status quo, to manage demand and avoid congestion and tailbacks. PTV Optima incorporates data from a huge number of sources, such as floating car data (FCD), automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), detector information, and accident and construction site updates. The traffic management software continuously compares and validates live field data, eliminates biases, fills in data blanks, and integrates these with PTV Visum dynamic models . 

Traffic forecast

Replace speculations with reliable predictions with our traffic control software: PTV Optima forecasts future traffic conditions. Its unique approach combines machine learning and transportation models, to cover effectively both planned and unplanned events. Get your system up and running in less than one hour - or deploy advanced features for the most complex use cases. 

Customized monitoring

Build your own performance indicators, selecting monitored area and the forecast horizon. Easily assemble your KPIs into intuitive and effective dashboards, to simplify tasks and to react quickly.

Traffic scenarios

With PTV Optima, management centers improve traffic flow by simulating different scenarios and taking the right actions. The traffic management software allows operators to simulate and evaluate different mitigation strategies in a virtual environment. To steer traffic away from incidents, the model runs parallel simulations, and indicates the most effective of them. This takes only a few moments, and the results are the basis for a reliable decision. 

Automation and workflows

Based on customized indicators, build workflows that simplify the actions of everyone at the control center. Automatize triggers based on custom conditions of the detected or predicted network status. Send messages to other teams, and dispatch data to systems and components.

Adaptive signal control

Traffic control software at its best: Optimize your signal control by connecting PTV Optima to PTV signal optimization tools. Optimize green waves at single intersections, andintersections and improve signal coordination in the entire network. When deployed with PTV Optima, the solution is even tolerant to detector fault.

Traffic microsimulation

Improve incident management by simulating traffic scenarios in real-time and on a microscopic level. Develop ramp metering and managed lane strategies to optimize your network, based on a detailed vehicle-to-vehicle interaction. 

Public transportation operations

Integrate PTV Optima with your public transportation operation control center, to provide passengers with reliable travel information and expected delays. Monitor real-time fleet positions to determine expected delays where routes mix with private traffic. Use this traffic management system to build performance indicators and pre-identify critical points, making it easier for your operators to handle inconveniencies.

Journey planner

PTV Optima’s travel information empowers travel planners. The traffic management software also offers its own intermodal journey planner, combining different modes of transportation in any plausible combination. Combine information from PTV Optima with travel modes in your city, so users optimize their travel choices.

Integrated traffic management system

Facilitated connectivity and seamless integration: The real-time traffic management software connects to many subsystems and functions and supports all market standards for information exchange. It has an efficient setup process with offline calibration and model validations. System integration is facilitated by traffic data sent directly from the lanes. To meet a project specification, you can integrate PTV Optima with a separate user interface or rely on its web GUI.

Use Case

Switch to smart city traffic management

Expanding transportation infrastructure is costly and might not result in less traffic bottlenecks. While congestion is hard to predict, our traffic management software PTV Optima unlocks your city’s true potential. With reliable forecasts, high-quality real-time data and enhanced decision support, you will deploy the best strategy for your network:

  • Fuse different data sources for a detailed analysis of the current traffic situation 
  • Receive real-time forecasts for the entire network, including on non-monitored roads  
  • Evaluate alternative scenarios and their effects to activate the most efficient counter measure 
  • Reduce impacts of traffic incidents and improve road safety with early incident detection 

With multiple installations in Europe and Asia, PTV Optima is the proven tool for smart city traffic management. 

Discover how PTV Optima upgrades your network

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Public transit operations management

One of the best ways for public transit providers to improve and speed up their operations management is to rely on quality real-time data. Relying on good data also enables operators to observe trends in the performance of their services and passengers’ reaction to them.

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What customers say about PTV Optima

PTV Optima is an extremely sophisticated system, but it features a straightforward interface, making it simple for anyone to use.

Dr. Fabrizio Arneodo
5T traffic management company

We can better manage congestion and respond to incidents faster.

Feng Hui-Sheng
Deputy Director-General, Taichung Transportation Bureau

It’s already proving to be a success. We are able to manage the flow of traffic better in busy periods.

James Guilliatt
Transport Project Manager, City of York Council

We rely on PTV Optima for its up-to-date and complete data, which is crucial for traffic management and control.

Hans Fiby
Head, ITS Vienna Region

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