Traffic Operations Management

Software to monitor, control, and predict traffic

Software can greatly improve traffic operations management. By automating many tasks, such as collecting traffic data, controlling traffic signals, and managing incidents, software can free up staff to focus on other tasks, such as planning and analysis. In addition, software that provides real-time data on traffic conditions can help to improve the accuracy of decisions, leading to better traffic flow and reduced congestion. 

What is Traffic Operations management? 

Traffic operations management is the process of monitoring and controlling traffic flow to ensure the efficient and safe movement of people and goods. It is a critical function for transportation agencies and municipal authorities, as it can help to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and increase road safety. 

Traffic operations management typically involves these activities: 

  • Monitoring traffic conditions: Collecting data on present traffic flow: Traffic counts, travel times, and speed. This data is collected from a variety of sources, such as traffic sensors, traffic cameras, and GPS devices. 
  • Controlling traffic signals: Adjusting the timing of traffic signals to optimize traffic flow. This can be done manually or automatically, using traffic management software. 
  • Managing incidents: Responding to traffic incidents, such as accidents and roadwork. This may involve rerouting traffic, providing real-time information to motorists, and dispatching emergency crews. 
  • Predicting future traffic conditions: Anticipate critical situations before they occur, giving authorities more time to respond, improve their response, and possibly resolve them before they cause inconvenience to road users. 
  • Providing traveler information: Providing commuters with real-time traffic information, such as current traffic conditions and predicted travel times. This information can be provided through a variety of channels, such as traffic information websites, apps, and radio. 

By using the right traffic management systems, municipalities and transport agencies can improve their operations for the entire mobility system: reduced congestion, improved air quality, and increased safety. In addition, they can increase efficiency by using software to automate tasks of traffic operations management. 

Software for traffic operations management 

Software can greatly upgrade traffic operations management – either in a control room, or on desktop computers. There are many benefits to using software as part of the traffic management system, including:  

  • Improved efficiency: Software automates many tasks, such as collecting traffic data, controlling traffic signals, and managing incidents. This can free up staff to focus on other tasks, such as planning and analysis. 
  • Improved accuracy: Software that provides real-time data on traffic conditions can help to improve the accuracy of decisions. This leads to better traffic flow and reduced congestion. 
  • Improved safety: Software provides real-time information about traffic incidents and allows transport agencies to respond to incidents more quickly. 
  • Increased visibility: Software can provide a comprehensive view of traffic conditions, which can help transportation agencies to anticipate, identify, and address problems more quickly. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: While implementing the software may involve some investment and resources, the long-term benefits can outweigh the costs. 

PTV Group software for traffic operations management 

PTV Group’s powerful software tools for traffic operations management are PTV Optima and PTV Flows.  

Both software enable municipalities and transport authorities to monitor and predict traffic in real-time. They differ, however, on the number of features, capabilities and resources needed to operate them.  

Read more about the differences between PTV Optima and PTV Flows and find out which one is right for your needs.

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PTV Optima for traffic operations management

PTV Optima is a real-time traffic management software for multimodal networks. It delivers detailed traffic forecasts and monitoring dashboards, so users always have a complete overview of the situation and take the right actions. Key features and benefits of PTV Optima include:  

28 Locations
Detailed Forecast

Get unique traffic information for every road, intersection and lane

PTV Viswalk numerous scenarios
Scenario evaluation

Find the most effective action plan for your traffic operations

PTV optima multimodal

Monitor and forecast in real-time both road and pt networks

PTV Flows for traffic operations management

PTV Flows is a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for real-time traffic monitoring. This cloud-based software visualizes problems in the road network and can detect or anticipate unexpected congestion. Automatic alerts from PTV Flows help traffic operators to proactively manage traffic, reduce the length of delays, improve safety, and increase the efficiency of the transport system. Key features and benefits of PTV Flows include: 

Maps & Data
Bundle: Software + Data

All necessary maps and data are included in the package and automatically updated

PTV Visum reliable future planning

You only pay for what you need; no expensive hardware or infrastructure necessary

No need for manual monitoring

PTV Flows runs in the background and automatically informs the operator about current or upcoming incidents

How PTV software is used for traffic operations management

Success story
York integrates UK’s first city-wide real-time transport model with PTV Optima

York integrates UK’s first real-time transport model with PTV Optima. 

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Success story
Vienna improves mobility with real time traffic information

PTV Optima provides Austria’s capital with real-time traffic information and predictions.

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Success story
PTV Optima creates real-time dynamic traffic model for Slovenia

A dynamic traffic model for Slovenia helps manage road traffic, improve road safety, reduce congestion, and lower transportation costs.

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Success story
PTV Optima provides real-time speed calculation for entire Czech road network

PTV Optima provides real-time speed calculation for entire Czech road network

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Success story
Real-time PTV model upgrades manage­ment of 9,000 km of roads

Real-time traffic management software enables Hungarian road network operator quickly respond to incidents

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Public Transport Operations management

Public transport operations management is one of the most critical aspects of public transit networks. It includes tasks such as scheduling vehicles, assigning drivers, and managing passenger information. With PTV Group’s software, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public transport systems by providing real-time information on passenger demand, traffic conditions, and vehicle availability. 

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