Synchromodal Planning (Freight Transport)

Efficient, reliable, sustainable transport – synchromodal planning is the key

  • Synchromodal planning allows you to optimise your logistics processes across various modes of transport and the entire transport network. Using the appropriate transport mode at the right time makes deliveries more efficient, reliable and sustainable.

    As it is possible to change transport modes throughout the supply chain at any time, all partners involved in this process must step up cooperation. Moreover, new processes, digital data and IT components are required in order to connect all players within the transport network, enabling them to respond to changes immediately and thus choose the best mode of transportation for the current situation.

    We cover the entire spectrum of synchromodal planning – from best-practice platforms for thematic networking to IT applications that support digital data exchange and enable the use of integrated applications for routing and planning. In addition, we have already developed and tested efficient methods for timetable-based routing in networks and for intermodal planning.

    Our fields of activity:

    • Concepts, models and applications for synchromodal planning
    • Cooperation with partners and networks in order to develop concepts, models and applications