Assessment and Maintenance of Transport Infrastructure

Strategies, measures and their total economic assessment for a functioning traffic infrastructure

  • Due to its geographic position in the centre of Europe, Germany is a transit country. Motorways and federal roads are subjected to heavy loads, which creates an immense need for maintenance and expansion. These problems collide with basic budget conditions, due to which only selected maintenance and expansion measures can be performed.

    We have developed a multitude of models and assessment processes in the course of research and consulting projects with which the general benefits of considered measures and programs for the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure can be revealed or a prioritisation for the realisation of upcoming projects derived. Our models and processes thus serve to prepare the subsequent decision-taking processes. We are working on the development of appropriate rules, however we also create individual assessment processes for our customers. In this context, we have, among other things, also served as professional coordinator for the formulation of the German Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan.

    With our solutions, it is possible to answer individual questions in connection with the overall economic benefits of strategies and measures for the maintenance and expansion of traffic infrastructures.

    Our fields of activity:

    • Calculation of the traffic effects of individual maintenance measures
    • Economic calculation and selection of maintenance measures
    • Creation of forecast of required maintenance and maintenance plans on the network level
    • Custom-tailored solutions for the assessment of special investment projects
  • Project on Assessment and maintenance of transport infrastructure: