Mobility in a Changing Society

Future-capable mobility offerings for city and country

  • According to forecasts by the United Nations, the world population will be 11.21 billion in the year 2100; this is nearly double the number of people in 2010. In some parts of the world, the population will shrink; in others it will grow sharply. Our society is becoming more varied and individual, values are being transformed, new information and communication technologies are opening up new possibilities in nearly all areas of life. And the requirements for mobility are also changing. Mobility must be re-conceived – and this is where a re-thinking on the part of suppliers and users is required.

    In regions with declining populations, frequently more rural areas, the people in charge must ask the question about how they can ensure services for the public there and provide “minimum offerings” for mobility. Booming regions, by contrast, must confront a high usage density, the infrastructure is limited: Mobility in the smallest space and in competition with other uses.

    We assist regions in the search for custom-tailored solutions. For the development of suitable concepts, we consider the current demographic, social and technological questions, as well as newly developed mobility solutions (sharing economy, driverless vehicles, etc.)

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    • Our fields of activity:

        • Design of stationary and mobile offerings for ensuring public services
        • Planning solutions for assuring the accessibility of facilities providing public services
        • Measures for stabilising low demand for public transport
        • Design of flexible operating forms for public transport
        • Design of offerings for civil-social engagement (citizens’ bus, private carpools, etc.)
        • Feasibility assessments, organisation, operator and financing models