Multimodal Transport

The right mixture for the selection of means of transport

  • Especially in cities, people are ever less fixed on a single means of transport, for example, their own car. Here, “use instead of own”, the principle of the sharing economy, is playing an ever greater role, as the multitude of car, bike and ride-sharing offerings demonstrates. Multimodality is the motto, that is, the situation-dependent selection of a means of transport. Depending on the activity, weather, distance, quality of services, etc., the user decides in favour of the bicycle, bus, train or a rental bicycle. And sometimes different means of transport are combined with one another; this is referred to as intermodality.

    Whether multi- or intermodal: Before departure, the users must weigh which variant is most suitable or makes the most sense. Here, mobility information services make their decision and the planning of their trip easier. However, only a few of the current popular route planners can actually plan in multi-modal fashion. The Research Department at PTV AG is working to change this, among other things.

    We are also formulating innovative concepts for individual and sustainable mobility, modern and flexible, networked and intelligent, and improving simulation and demand models in order to map rental systems in the service of intermodal route-chains and interactions of different road users in a manner as close to reality as possible.

    Our fields of activity:

    • Development of innovative concepts and measures for the encouragement of multimodality, especially for the benefit of the environment
    • Enhancement of the demand and transport models for improvement of modelling results
    • Further enhancement of methods/approaches for determining and assessing effects, especially of the new sharing offerings


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