We live in a world
that moves.

Every day, people and goods are on the move. They all need to reach their destinations in a safe and timely manner, using the least amount of resources possible: a global challenge that PTV Group helps solve.

  • The Movement of People

    What is the most efficient way for people to get from A to B? PTV’s award-winning technology models and simulates traffic networks, scenarios, and solutions. The software helps traffic and city planners in over 120 countries optimize traffic flow, increase road safety, and significantly reduce its impact on the environment. Around the world, over 2,500 cities use PTV software to make smart decisions for their futures. Powerful simulation tools also enable manufacturers and fleet operators to test the newest technologies and trends in a virtual environment.

  • The Movement of Goods

    How can companies deliver goods to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible? Our intelligent algorithms help companies across an array of industries make the best use of the time they spend on the road – be it fleet cost calculation, route optimization, or salesforce/territory planning, we have the right solution for your individual needs. Our real-time technology allows you to efficiency plan and schedule resources to produce the most economic results. Our customers save time and money – even with a small fleet, our route optimization tools result in 7% - 15% savings!

Today, many cities are congested. Both individuals and businesses are feeling the increased impact of inefficient traffic and transportation, while the pressure to save time and money is also on the rise.

  • 9 billion

    Global population by 2050

  • 70%

    will be living
    in cities

  • 80%

    of purchases will be delivered from overseas

Urbanization and Disruption

Global trends, such as urbanization and disruptive business models, are changing society as we know it. Cities are becoming melting pots in which various interests may clash, but need to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, all while focusing on the topics of accessibility, livability, and sustainability. The pace of digitization is also picking up rapidly, leading to a plethora of new products and services being offered. This presents a major challenge that will have to be addressed by politics, business, and society.

The demand for mobility is growing worldwide. The technological advancements of electronic vehicles and the rise of popularity of the sharing economy are dramatically changing mobility as we know it today.

Electric vehicles

Electric cars & drones are no longer flights of fantasy. PTV Group has already began to simulate and predict their incorporation into the overall transportation network. Electric mobility is here to stay, and its transformative nature will lead to a more energy-efficient system.

We model and predict the benefits and challenges this innovative technology will bring, and help cities, government, fleet owners/operators, and manufacturers prepare for the future to come.

Our technology enables clients to run tests in virtual environments before actual implementation to thoroughly prepare for an endless array of scenarios.

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The sharing economy

The rise of the sharing economy has changed the way existing products and services function in the urban mobility space. New peer-to-peer mobility services have challenged the ways taxi, delivery companies, private transportation, and mass-transit establishments operate.

We work with cities, governments, fleet operators, and manufacturers around the world to assess the impact of these trends on traffic volumes, modes of transportations, and new business models that will evolve as a result.

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  • The future of mobility

    PTV Group supports the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions by providing cutting-edge technology to analyze new business models and to run and operate mobility platforms. With PTV components at the heart, mobility platforms and city operating systems gain a unique and competitive edge. 

We support decision-makers and software users in taking the right steps towards an even better future.

As one of the world’s leading software providers, we offer software, data, and consulting services planning and optimizing everything that moves people and goods.

This is why we are the mind of movement.