• Get a coherent analysis of your network’s traffic state

    PTV Optima provides traffic operators at the control centre with a detailed picture of their network’s status quo to actively manage the transportation demand avoiding congestion and tailbacks – from a single corridor to a mega city’s entire road network. Floating car data (FDC) from providers like Inrix, TomTom and Here, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), detector information, accident and construction site updates – PTV Optima connects to an unlimited number of data sources. The software’s data processing engine continuously compares, fuses and validates the live field data to produce a coherent traffic capacity analysis for your entire network.

  • Simulate traffic with dynamic modelling

    The smart city solution combines real-time data feeds with a model-based approach to adjust capacity, speed and volume in the network model created in the traffic planning software, PTV Visum. Using demand matrices, PTV Visum models transport services and travel demand. Dynamic assignment techniques calculate the time-related traffic flows and turn rates in your network. PTV Optima then combines the modelling results with the continually updated live data to give you a precise live traffic capacity analysis.

  • Validating and fusing real-time data

    This approach eliminates biases due to small sample sizes or real-time data that can incorrectly suggest a traffic jam, when cellular information from mobile phones in parked vehicles is misinterpreted. A single delivery vehicle that stops to drop off a parcel might be misjudged as congestion building up. But by fusing and validating a variety of different data sources, PTV Optima always delivers an accurate real-time analysis of your network’s changing traffic conditions.

  • Filling in data blanks

    Even when there is a complete absence of data for a road or road section where no detectors have been installed, PTV Optima delivers reliable and precise estimations. By combining a statistical approach based on historical travel patterns with sophisticated simulations in PTV Visum, traffic operators are always informed about the current traffic capacity and in control of their network’s changing traffic flow, speed and congestion and emission levels.