Solving traffic engineering problems with PTV Vistro

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PTV Vistro is your all-in-one solution for conducting traffic analyses, evaluating new development impacts and optimising signal timing. PTV Vistro helps traffic engineers and transport planners evaluate the impacts of new developments and identify solutions to ensure smooth traffic flow.

  • Can all of your traffic analysis needs be met at the push of a button?

    Giving traffic a green light

    PTV Vistro allows you to quickly optimise traffic signals at an individual intersection, a corridor or a network to generate green waves and maximise capacity.

    Modelling made quick and easy

    An intuitive user interface supports your project workflow, from network and intersection set up to trip generation and routing to signal optimisation and a built in scenario manager PTV Vistro enables quicker project completion.

    The perfect fit

    PTV Vistro seamlessly links to PTV Visum and PTV Vissim providing a multi-resolution end to end solution combining demand and simulation for all your traffic analysis needs.

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We’ve been using Vistro to prepare our traffic studies since 2013 and are very happy with the software. It’s improved our efficiency significantly, which is making us more profitable and also allowing us to do better engineering by analyzing many more scenarios.

Mike Spack
PE, PTOE, President of Spack Consulting

PTV Vistro blends powerful analysis with an easy to use, intuitive interface. It’s an all-in-one solution for analysing intersection operations, optimizing traffic signal timing and evaluating the impacts of new development trips for multiple scenarios. Its report-ready figures and detailed tabular reports allow users to present their work efficiently and accurately. PTV Vistro is an essential tool for all traffic engineers and transportation planners.

Bill Cisco
Senior Associate PTV Group