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Multimodal Traffic Simulation Software

The world's leading traffic simulation software PTV Vissim digitally reproduces the traffic patterns of all road users on a microscopic scale. With the help of scientifically based simulations and scenario management, you can evaluate and optimize the performance of transport infrastructure, make data-based planning decisions, and proactively tackle challenges such as congestion, emissions, and the fair distribution of road space for different modes.

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Use Cases

Evaluation and proof of traffic performance

Check the traffic performance of transport infrastructure and measures even before they are implemented. This helps you to identify the best design and avoid costly mistakes. PTV Vissim can realistically represent any form of road, bicycle, or public transport infrastructure (including rail) as well as footpaths in 3D. Parking lots, airports, train stations, large buildings or temporary measures can also be simulated and evaluated.

Evaluation of traffic technologies

With PTV Vissim, you can investigate and realistically simulate the driving behavior of connected and autonomous vehicles and their effects on traffic flow. Intelligent traffic management measures, such as public transport prioritization, variable speed limits or ramp metering, can also be evaluated in the virtual test environment. PTV Vissim is further used in the planning and optimization of traffic signals.

Automotive: Development and validation environment

Traffic simulation can be used to create reactive test environments for virtual vehicle development. PTV Vissim has interfaces to many vehicle simulation programs (e.g. IPG CarMaker, Virtual Test Drive, dSpace ASM, Simcenter PreScan, etc.) so that you can add realistic and reactive surrounding traffic to your virtual test drives. The intelligent, behavior model-based actions and reactions of the surrounding traffic create a continuous interaction with the system under test. 

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Simulation of pedestrians

PTV Vissim and PTV Viswalk depict pedestrians and their individual interaction with each other. City and traffic planners, fire safety officers, station, airport, and event managers - all of them rely on microsimulation to ensure safety and comfort for pedestrians, simulating evacuation scenarios, and checking e.g. passage widths, installation areas, travel times, and waiting times.

Pedestrian simulation with PTV Viswalk

Environmental assessment of traffic

Check how traffic engineering measures such as adapted traffic light control, intelligent traffic systems or different vehicle fleet compositions affect the traffic related emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases and thus determine efficient options for optimizing traffic impact on air quality and the climate.

Emissions are calculated in the cloud by our partner Bosch, using detailed overall vehicle and powertrain models that differentiate between all emission classes.

Digital City Twin

PTV Vissim maps the entire traffic infrastructure, the control logic through to the most advanced traffic light control procedures and Car2X communication, and models the interaction of all road users on the basis of intelligent behavior models. You can integrate the simulation as a "traffic layer" in your digital City Twin and enrich it with additional data, for example buildings, vegetation, bodies of water or planning data such as upcoming construction measures. Define individual "what if" scenarios and use the combination of powerful KPI-based evaluation of traffic flow with realistic 3D visualization for stakeholder dialogues, for example. 

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Why you should consider PTV Vissim

PTV Vissim successful for years
30+ years of proven success

Decades of research and continuous development with customers

PTV Visum multimodal transport
Simulate multimodal traffic

Microscopic, mesoscopic or hybrid simulation of all road users

PTV Vissim sophisticated
Sophisticated motion model

Extensive parameterization and calibration options for worldwide applicability

PTV Vissim flexible use
Flexible and seamless integration

APIs and interfaces to external software

Benefit tile PTV Visum Computation
Intuitive graphical user interface

Easy to use with option for powerful enhancements and automation through scripting

PTV Vissim data visualization
Convincing data visualization

Realistic simulation and comprehensive 3D visualizations

PTV Vissim in Action

Thousands of users around the world rely on the PTV Vissim traffic simulation software. These are their stories.

Modeling a low-car district in Singapore

Fewer cars, more bicycles and pedestrians: planners used PTV Vissim models to simulate people-friendly mobility in the new East Coast Extension district.

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Innovative redesign of an intersection

From a conventional traffic circle to a throughabout with traffic lights: the English National Highways used PTV Vissim to evaluate the performance of different design alternatives and select the most suitable junction design.

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Simulations make Copenhagen the cycling capital

More than half of Copenhageners cycle every day. PTV Vissim's microscopic simulations enable the city to realistically simulate and predict bicycle traffic and help redesign the infrastructure.

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Release Highlights

PTV Vissim is constantly being further developed, optimized and supplemented with new features and functions. Browse through the most important innovations of the latest versions.

NEW: Econolite EOS Integration

Econolite's EOS, the next-generation advanced traffic signal controller software is now available in Vissim, with no additional integration effort needed. 

EOS bundles a smart and dynamic coordinator that can adjust signal timing "on the fly", powerful in-built safety features that are easy to use, best-in-class support for Signal Control Priority (SCP), and advanced data streaming capabilities. These features can now be precisely mapped and verified in PTV Vissim's world-leading microsimulations, allowing you to evaluate and optimize the performance of the transportation infrastructure more accurately than ever before. 

PTV Vissim 2024

  • Lightning-fast calculation
  • Optimized lane change model (zipper method)
  • New 3D vehicle models
  • Improved signal control
  • Automatic backup copy
  • Extended labeling options

A description of these and all other new features can be found in the release document.

PTV Vissim 2023

  • Improved handling of curve speeds
  • FBX support for 3D models
  • Network/scenario comparison
  • Improvement of the "reverse parking" function
  • Wizard for WMS configuration
  • Improved duplication

A description of these and all other new features can be found in the release document.

PTV Vissim 2022

  • Emissions calculations with Bosch
  • Reverse parking
  • New RBC-DLL
  • Scatter diagrams
  • Improved video recording
  • Change of direction at public transport stops

A description of these and all other new features can be found in the release document.

PTV Vissim Set-Up

Download here the setup packages of PTV Vissim. A step by step tutorial for installing the software is provided in the document 'Installation Manual'.

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You can find a description of all available PTV Vissim modules here: 
Module Overview

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