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The automotive industry: Virtual testing and traffic simulation

The automotive industry relies on vehicle simulation as an indispensable and reliable tool during product development. Model cycles are too short and design becomes more complex, so the simulations save time and money. A microscopic traffic simulation software, such as PTV Vissim, helps to simulate, test, and analyze different traffic scenarios and the interactions with surrounding traffic. 

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The core of PTV Vissim traffic simulation software

At the heart of the PTV Vissim simulation is the driving behavior model. You can set in detail an unlimited number of vehicle models, types, classes, and fleets, as well as driver and vehicle characteristics. In addition to basic characteristics - such as desired speed and acceleration/deceleration behavior - vehicle follow-up and lane change behavior determine the traffic flow at the operational level. 

 The follow-up behavior of vehicles is simulated with Wiedemann’s psycho-physical follow-up model. The driver speeds up or slows down according to the distance and the speed difference to the vehicle in front of them. For a lane change, a rule-based model is used, which can also be parameterized. An example of a parameter is aggressiveness: How big does a gap have to be to consider a lane change? And what delay can approaching vehicles be expected to tolerate due to a lane change? 

Another example is localized traffic behavior: in India and elsewhere in Asia, traffic can be quite chaotic and lane markings are often ignored. The PTV Vissim algorithm takes this traffic flow behavior into account as well. 

What are the benefits of using traffic simulation during vehicle development?

PTV Optima alerts
Improved vehicle safety
PTV Viswalk numerous uploads
Better engine performance
PTV Route Optimiser Better carbon footprint
Lower environmental impact
PTV Optima fast
Shorter time to market
PTV Visum reliable future planning
Cost reduction without sacrificing quality

Use Cases of PTV Vissim in the automotive industry

Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Development and Validation

During a trip, drivers constantly make decisions - consciously and unconsciously - about what to do next. In AVs and CAVs, this is done by a software. It reacts to road conditions as well as to other vehicles. Complex scenarios can happen in road traffic, such as lane changes or lane merges. Therefore, each decision must consider the behavior of surrounding vehicles, their speed, and the time until a possible collision. A simulation software can generate realistic traffic, in which the driver assistance systems are both tested for errors and optimized.

Real Driving Emissions (RDE): Optimization of fuel consumption

Emission standards are becoming increasingly strict worldwide. When vehicle manufacturers install new systems or adjust existing ones, they must measure and document the expected emission values. If the emissions are too high, they need to change the systems. 

With the simulation’s virtual testing environment, auto makers can study different scenarios and designs, and calculate the expected emissions - even before the first prototype is developed and built. This saves development costs and time and ensures more realistic results. 

Virtual testing of driving

For some time now, engineers and technicians in the automotive industry have been relying on simulations of new vehicles in virtual testing environments. However, without simulating the surrounding traffic, your results will paint an inadequate picture. With PTV Vissim, you generate ambient traffic, which is essential for the analysis of interactions with other road users. 

PTV Vissim has a variety of interfaces to all known software solutions in the industry, such as IPG (CarMaker), DSpace (ASM), Simcenter (PreScan), MSC Software Corporation (Virtual Test Drive). Thus, you can combine PTV Vissim's smart microscopic traffic simulation with the simulations of interacting vehicles from a third-party provider.  

Operational strategy optimization and load profiles

Imagine leaving a highway and driving into the city. The traffic flow is changing, instead of constant speed, we now have stop-and-go with frequent acceleration and braking. Software allows you to simulate situations like this in a virtual testing environment – and repeat it with changing variables. 

Such tests are essential in the development and calibration of complex combustion and hybrid engines. With them, auto engineers can get the most out of the power unit and increase efficiency. 

Range prediction: Testing alternative engines

With fossil fuel sources becoming scarcer and climate change progressing, alternative energy sources are increasingly in demand. Battery- and hydrogen-powered cars, and hybrid vehicles, are now an integral part of car manufacturers’ offer. 

With a microscopic traffic simulation, you can examine these alternative vehicles for their range, charging behavior and environmental impact. 

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PTV Vissim Kernel

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PTV Vissim now also runs on Linux computers, so all functions and advantages are available for Linux users. The PTV Vissim Kernel is a headless calculation engine, which can be flexibly integrated into other systems. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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With interfaces to numerous software providers, complex traffic flow scenarios can be displayed even more realistically in virtual test driving. 

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