PTV Optima: The model based leading tool for real-time decision support and traffic forecasts

Thanks to PTV Optima, traffic operators at traffic management centres can provide current and future traffic information to their teams and road users automatically. To achieve this, PTV Optima combines proven offline traffic modelling with real-time data and algorithms.

  • Are you one step ahead of the congestion?

    Real-time traffic forecasts

    Managing traffic conceals increasingly complex challenges. Set up your traffic management in a future-oriented fashion and rely on a solution which reacts to your network. Monitor your entire network and receive traffic forecasts for a period of up to 60 minutes – even after unexpected situations.

    Reliable support for decision-making

    Create different traffic management strategies using customised traffic indices offline and test them in different parallel simulations online. This creates trust in the formulated measures and provides your team with planning reliability in case of emergency.

    Integration into existing structures

    PTV Optima fits into your existing IT infrastructure. It can be connected optimally to your traffic control center as well as to tools for traffic management. Standard interfaces allow seamless integration into larger software solutions.

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I value the stability and efficiency of the PTV Optima solution which delivers reliable traffic information.

Dr. Fabrizio Arneodo
Manager IST Design & Development at 5T

Thanks to the open architecture and the intensive training we have received from PTV Group and it's daughter SISTeMA we can now integrate new sources of data and additional suppliers independently into our system. 

Sorin Dumitrescu
Managing Director at ELSOL

The method of PTV Optima makes traffic management proactive instead of being reactive.

Luca Paone
Solution Director at PTV Group

We’re committed to provide accurate service & support when needed.