• Combine proven offline traffic modelling with real-time data

    With PTV Optima you get detailed traffic forecasts in a rolling horizon from 5, 10 or 30 minutes up to an hour. The traffic management software identifies the best scenarios to manage congestion, road closures or construction sites and to accurately simulate the interaction of all vehicles and pedestrians – from a macroscopic to a microscopic level. PTV Optima's model continually updates itself to react to changing conditions and provide operators with live information. Optimise your network's throughput without building new roads, but by implementing smart city technology.

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Source: PTV Optima project with the City of Taichung

What does PTV Optima have to offer?

  • Data Fusion
  • Fuse different data sources for a detailed analysis of the current traffic state

  • Detailed Forecasts
  • Receive precise and comprehensive forecasts for the entire network including non-monitored roads based on real-time and dynamic model data

  • Scenario Evaluation
  • Evaluate alternative scenarios and their effects to activate the most efficient counter measure for your network

  • Incident Detection
  • Reduce negative impacts of traffic incidents and improve road safety with advanced and early on incident detection

  • Microscopic Simulation
  • Simulate the interaction of all road users on a granular level

  • Create a smarter and safer network with PTV Optima

    No two rush hours are the same and no two days of live traffic management are the same. Despite the huge experience of the control room operators, their reactions to regular events or spontaneous incidents are based on their experience, scenario briefings and the best way to use the tools at their disposal. By combining accurate transport models with real-time data, traffic operators know the current and future network conditions better and can do their jobs more effectively. PTV Optima provides you with a single traffic management software solution to monitor and manage your city's entire network.

    To be able to advise motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, but also public transport, on alternative paths optimising the throughput of your infrastructure and mitigating any negative impacts, you need to reliably predict the demands on your transportation network. PTV Optima allows you to simulate and compare different traffic strategies based on your city's policy before their implementation in the field. With PTV Optima, operators can configure automatic warnings and notifications and always activate the most effective traffic management strategy for their city's roadways. While the traditional reaction to smoothing out the traffic flow is to increase lane capacity, either through widening or building new roads, the smarter solution is investing in real-time traffic management software. PTV Optima is the right tool to improve traffic flow and capacity, and it also helps increase road safety and reduce emissions.  


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