Simulating pedestrians' behaviour with PTV Viswalk

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Pedestrians' individual movements appear unpredictable and therefore underpin the decisions for behaviour models, which can be modelled and mapped out.

Combined with PTV Vissim, PTV Viswalk deploys unprecedented, multimodal features and maps the interaction between pedestrians and vehicles in detail.

Henk Barmentlo
Vialis IT&M

Traffic and Pedestrian Modelling is not a game. It requires a high performance user interface that allows to work efficiently, with sufficient flexibility to configure complex dynamics and behaviour parameters, and that gives a range of data outputs with great resolution for the analysis of alternatives and performance. That is what I found in Vissim and Viswalk!

Jesús Antonio Díaz
Steer Davies Gleave

Thanks to the precise dovetailing of visualisation and statistics in PTV Viswalk, the simulation of pedestrians is mapped in the model down to the finest detail in order to find the best solution for traffic planning.

Tobias Kretz
Chief Product Manager PTV Viswalk

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