Road Safety

With over one million traffic fatalities per year, road crashes are among the most frequent causes of death worldwide. But pedestrians, cyclists and other road users being injured on city streets is unacceptable. Many countries have therefore taken on the task of improving traffic safety. Their goal is achieving Vision Zero – they work towards reducing the number of fatal road crashes to zero. While speed limits and infrastructure design are certainly important to make streets safer for more vulnerable road users and tackle the aim of zero traffic casualties, collecting and analysing incidents data is another step to identify shortcomings and resolve them.

    • PTV Visum Safety is your tool for analysing crash data. With PTV Visum Safety you integrate traffic safety issues into strategic traffic planning decisions from the very beginning. The software clearly visualises the crash data collected by the police and identifies black spots and high-risk areas. Detailed information about each individual crash allow users to find similarities and contributing factors to draw conclusions about causes and develop, plan and optimise effective and cost-efficient mitigation measures.

      With PTV Vistad you benefit from a central platform for all accident data, which can be used by different agencies resulting in synergies and more efficient exchange of knowledge. The rights and roles system ensures that users can access and process exactly the information they need. PTV Vistad is reliable and efficient – from data collection and analysis to local accident investigation and to monitoring the outcome of safety measures. Transfer your data to PTV Vistad in just a few steps and get started.

      Road Safety is a shared responsibility and we are tackling it together: Newcastle University and PTV Group have joined forces to improve road safety worldwide. The result: Two new applications predict collision hotspots that require intervention and evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions.

  • Our commitment to road safety

    European Road Safety Charter

    The European Road Safety Charter, led by the European Commission, is the largest civil society platform on road safety. More than 4,000 stakeholders from public and private entities have joined so far. PTV Group is also among the signatories. The road safety community proactively advocates for implementing measures to help reduce road fatalities.

    UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

    PTV Group signed the Global Road Safety Commitment, recognising worldwide road safety as a prerequisite to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. We support our customers and partners to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. With our software solutions and services, we help organisations to develop a systematic approach to ensure greater safety on the roads.