PTV Vissim 2021 Release Highlights

In uncertain times, make the most out of existing infrastructure

    • PTV Vissim 2021 succeeds the previous software version PTV Vissim 2020. Among the many new features are built-in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), better planning of parking spaces and enhanced UI.

      To learn more about the new features, check out the "What's New Document".

ITS: Make the most of existing road infrastructure

    • Easily evaluate if Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) improve road capacity, saving the need to build new roads
    • Quick creation of ITS facilities with support within the network editor
    • Supported ITS features: pedestrian and railway crossings, two-staged signal controlling, ramp metering

Improved planning of parking areas

    • Optimize planning of parking and pick-up/drop-off areas with enhanced rich evaluations
    • New indications for vehicle activity in parking spaces: parked, waiting, driving, blocked
    • Evaluate the number of vehicles which could not find a parking space
    • New features are ideal for parking lots at airports, shopping areas, etc. 
  • AVI recording in 2D

    • Include more evaluations in your videos, by recording simulations in 2D format

  • NEW: Attribute modifications

    • Attributes of vehicles and all objects can be changed during simulations - without scripting and regardless of their location and condition

Improved UI

    • Accelerate project workflows: improved attribute selection dialogue; select from up to 5 recent attributes per object; improved search within relations
    •  Save your color schemes for use anywhere in your model and for sharing with colleagues

3D Buildings can be hidden

    • Hide overlapping 3D buildings to better plan new infrastructure 
  • Easy saving and sharing of models

    • Saving and sharing your models is easier than ever, with a new zip format archive option