• What to do, if there is a fire? Planning saves lives

    Fire! Fire! How long does it take for a building to be evacuated in this situation? PTV Viswalk provides information on the time required and supports you in evaluating evacuation scenarios. Simulate, analyze, and visualize the emergency situation in 3D with PTV Viswalk.


  • Is an evacuation really completed faster when there are more doors or do bottlenecks only build up at different points? Which point in the building is furthest away from the exits and therefore possibly too remote to get outside? Using the evacuation simulation in PTV Viswalk, you can check the actual value of a measure which is expected to accelerate the evacuation of a building in the case of a fire. PTV Viswalk supports you in your work and helps you to

    • measure the duration of the evacuation process: individually and overall
    • measure delay times
    • measure required safe egress times (RSET) and display them as “heat map”
    • calculate and visualize the spread and duration of bottlenecks
    • understand effects of fire effluents on occupants by importing and processing FDS result data


Guidelines and Standards