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Ultimate Guide to The Best Public Transport Service

Jam-packed buses, delayed trains - for many people, public transport evokes negative associations. That’s too bad, for actually it deserves applause. Public transport doesn’t just take people from point A to point B; instead, it’s an indispensable part of an inclusive and sustainable society. Public transport offers people the opportunity to participate in social life, no matter what their income, how old they are, or whether what they have physical disabilities. 

Still the public transport use in 2023 and 2024 is lagging behind 2019 levels. In an attempt to change this, we have come up with a guide of how to make the most of public transport and inspire people to use it.

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More than 2,500 cities worldwide optimize their public transport with PTV software

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What you can expect

Comfortable, flexible, and time-saving – that’s how most people rate driving a car. Public transport doesn’t score as high; it's generally considered to be too slow and burdensome. A car offers spontaneous mobility: Car drivers decide when they get in their vehicles and drive off. Public transport can hardly keep pace with this spontaneity. To make public transport more attractive, you need high frequency and good coverage. 

Frequency alone does not make public transport a top service. We listed crucial points you need to consider for your planning.

  • Make It Accessible
  • Improve Safety & Security
  • Speed It Up
  • Be Efficient at Stops
  • Optimize Operations with Effective Public Transport Planning
  • Get People Excited about Public Transport

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