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  • Major efforts are required to design the future of mobility in a sustainable way, which also help protect our resources. For years, PTV employees from different subject areas as well as planners and software developers have been involved in national and international research projects in order to develop concepts, strategies and models for sustainable mobility with interdisciplinary teams.

  • What’s on our mind?

      Solutions to transport and logistics challenges

      Policy advice in the field of transport economics and logistics

      Integrated traffic and logistics related approaches

      Knowledge exchange with academic and political networks

      Management of national and European research initiatives

  • We have built up a significant research network with well-known partners.

    Our broad experience with a proven record of over 100 research projects helps us create valuable and future leading solutions for transport and logistics.

    European Commission and public authorities

    The Research Programmes from the EC and national public authorities such as the Federal Ministry of Transport provide the thematic framework for our research activities. We have over 20 years of experience as consortium leader, project partner and experts in national and international research projects.

    Industrial partners

    We work with external partners and clients as well as with our experts from different subject areas. This way, we can combine in-depth expertise in traffic and logistics, both in theory and the real world. Based on our research findings, we constantly seek to improve our products and consulting services.

    Universities, academic networks and research institutions

    In our research projects, we cooperate intensively with universities and research institutions. Furthermore, we are active in numerous academic networks.