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  • How will the future of mobility affect traffic flow? With PTV Vissim it is possible to simulate and visualise all forms of traffic and how they interact in a single model.

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PTV Vissim is an essential part of my work. Thanks to the many features available in the software, I create new scenarios and learn something new every day!

Mariló Martin Gasulla
PhD student and lab assistant at the University of Florida

The best thing about PTV Vissim is that thanks to the number of possible environments and scenarios, you can test vehicles in as close to a real-life situation as possible.

Roberto Ponticelli
Chief Engineer - Intelligent Mobility at Horiba Mira

PTV Vissim is the leading software for simulating vehicle and pedestrian movement. Having a software which allows you to create a virtual environment, replicate traffic conditions, plan, optimize and interface with new infrastructure and technologies then visualize the outputs is really important to address the challenges our transport systems face now and in the future.

Alastair Evanson
Solution Director PTV Vissim at PTV Group

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