Extend your system with the logistical and geographical functions of PTV xServer

Whether you need to schedule customer deliveries or move an entire fleet, PTV xServer's extensive array of geospatial APIs empowers you to do much more than get from Point A to Point B.

  • How do you excel at the art of logistics?

    Making our solution yours: customisable APIs for logistics

    Seamlessly integrate the logistics APIs you need or build your own geo-management solution to optimise an entire supply chain. Fully scalable and customisable, PTV xServer was specifically developed to grow along with your company and its achievements.

    Saving time, money and miles: optimised truck routing

    Reduce overall fleet costs and increase driver productivity by using the most time and cost efficient routes for your needs. Specify truck classes and take into account HOS laws to stay fully compliant with trucking & road regulations.

    Increasing customer satisfaction: delivery sequencing and appointment scheduling

    Benefit from historical & real-time traffic data to provide customers with accurate ETAs. Not only does the technology PTV xServer provide offer an unprecedented level of transparency, it also delivers an instant overview of driver performance.

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We chose PTV xServers for two reasons: their webservice architecture and the quality of the service by PTV. The integration of the PTV Components was seamless and we are very satisfied with it.

Pierre-Jacques Evrard
Formaly Senior SCM Consultant at Acetos

PTV xServer represent developer components for a seamless integration of relevant functionalities in the context of logistics and transportation. Thanks to the flexibility and scalability, these services enables you to realize software applications which optimizes your processes in the transportation chain and reduces effectively costs. Planning, calculation and optimizing are the key factors to enrich your software solution and makes you different.

Michael Nutto
Solution Director PTV xServer at PTV Group

We’re committed to provide accurate service & support when needed.