ANPR Support

  • Description

    Plate Number survey (ANPR) is always a chance to improve your model. However it always comes along with data processing problems - thousands of records stored in numbers of files and all need to be processed to gather information. That's why we integrated data processing within PTV Visum. Now all standard steps between APNR and OD.

    But not anymore: ANPR Support will support you with every step of ANPR data processing:

    • Flexible data importer will create SQL database from your records.

    • Powerful database engine will organize results

    • Full Visum integration will import counting points' locations

    • Filtering engine will show data you need (i.e. list of truck crossing two count locations during morning peak hour).

    • Data processing machine will calculate OD matrices with several error detection procedures.

    • You will be able to export travel time skim matrices, paths, OD matrices to Visum.

    • You will see your results on histograms and charts.


    • take advantage of integrating ANPR data and Visum network model in one flexible Add-In

    • speed up your calculations with highly efficient database engine

    • work with user friendly GUI to simply see the data in tables, lists and plots or export ones to Visum and Excel.

    ANPR created by i2 runs as a script from Visum 12. It uses data from Visum network and ANPR data to provide not only advanced queries to ANPR database but also calculation of the characteristics based on Visum network and Count Locations.


    This Add-in is compatible with the following PTV Vision Traffic Suite Products: PTV Visum 12, 12.5 and 13

    Language Support

    This Add-in is provided in English and Polish.


    The price for the Add-in is € 2,000.

    Primary Author

    Rafał Kucharski