Traffic Realtime Equilibrium (TRE)

  • Description

    TRE is a software for the computation of dynamic assignment where path choices and demand loading depend on the travel times obtained through any network simulation model which assumes the resulting node splitting rates.

    TRE bridges the gap between scientific Dynamic Traffic Assignment solutions and user friendly off-the-shelf assignment. With TRE you can see how the traffic flows and travel conditions evolve in time for your network which was static just seconds before.

    Specifically, the propagation of traffic flows is based on the GLTM - General Link Transmission Model, a macroscopic engine for dynamic network loading that implements the kinematic wave theory. Through the fundamental diagram on links and comprehensive Junction Model (with signal plans, priorities and conflict areas) at nodes, the GLTM is capable of reproducing the main congestion phenomena on road links (queues, spillback, hypocritical friction) and at intersections, either signalized or not (spillback, conflicting maneuver congestion, signal delays and capacity reductions, merging congestion, ...).

    TRE Add-In offers 3 assignment procedures:

    • Dynamic Traffic Assignment: full dynamic assignment method with route-choice and equilibrium, to simulate design scenarios on large highways or urban signalized networks. User path choice behavior can be deterministic or stochastic (Logit). Multimodality is fully supported.
    • Dynamic Network Loading: The demand is propagated on the network accordingly with path choices previously calculated either with Dynamic User equilibrium procedure or with any other Visum assignment. This is a very fast dynamic simulation allowing to get results within seconds, useful for network design and signal optimization on medium to large networks.
    • Events and Rerouting: conceived for incident management planning and evaluation. It provides traffic pattern for case of unexpected traffic events, providing invaluable decision and operational design support for incident management.

    The implementation of the software is completely parallelized so as to maximize performances by fully exploiting the available computing resources. Thanks to that, dynamic assignment on a real-scale network can be computed in reasonable time. But significant reduction of computation times didn’t mean oversimplifying, quite opposite: TRE is shipped with detailed traffic flow model, powerful junction model and time discretization can be reduced up to one second. 

    Besides being truly scientific academic solution with advanced algorithms, TRE is user friendly and fully integrated with PTV Visum, seamlessly adding dynamics to your network just like any other assignment method:

    • it is completely based on the PTV Visum data model; specifically, junction simulation relay on the Visum intersection geometry data model
    • the Add-in is designed as an additional Visum procedure: thus, results can be obtained with equal effort like for any other Visum assignment moreover, the User can define multiple TRE procedures within single version file and parameterize each separately; The network and the o-d demand matrices are automatically loaded into  the Add-in from the current opened PTV Visum version
    • out of many parameters only few needs to be user-defined, for others we provided reasonable defaults
    • assignment results can be automatically imported in PTV Visum allowing all usual post processing and post analysis available in PTV Visum
    • results of traffic patterns can be stored and reused without calculating new assignment both in PTV Visum (through .rim files) and using Netviewer, the TRE results viewer, described below.

    NetViewer, an advanced GIS-based viewer included with the Add-in, allows to explore the results of TRE assignments (inflows, outflows, travel times, vehicular densities, speeds, queues and capacities) in form of flow diagrams on the map for different results time interval (colors and thickness are completely customizable), or as temporal profiles for single links. With NetViewer you can play a “movie” of your network simulation going back and forth in a simple mouse wheel action!


    This Add-in is compatible with PTV Visum 16

    Language Support

    This Add-in is provided in English


    The price includes perpetual license + 1 year premium support:

    Package Size 0 1 2 3 4
    Number of Zones 100 400 1 000 3 000 5 000
    Prize 5 000€ 7 778€ 10 556€ 13 333€ 16 111€
    Package Size
    Number of Zones 7 500 10 000 15 000 20 000 25 000
    Prize 18 889€ 21 667€ 24 444€ 27 222€ 30 000€

     Any due VAT is excluded. Multilicense discounts available upon request.

    Primary Author

    Guido Gentile, PTV SISTeMa

    Lorenzo Meschini, Daniele Tiddi, Rafał Kucharski