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Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

We look forward to meeting you at #Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024, the world's leading trade event for mobility professionals.

Date: April 16 - 19, 2024

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Booth No.: #216, hall 2 (02.216)

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Umovity, adopts a holistic strategy to enhance mobility by prioritizing safety, intelligence, and sustainability. This involves integrating intelligent solutions for modeling & planning, management & prediction, as well as onsite operations & optimization to boost performance and efficiency in all your transportation processes.

Uniting the best-in-class solutions for intelligent traffic management systems, cloud-based adaptive traffic control, real-time traffic management software, controllers, cabinets, and sensor products by Econolite, and simulation and predictive modelling software by PTV. 

Product Highlights at the PTV Booth

PTV Flows

Empowering Traffic Operators with Predictions & Proactive Traffic Management



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PTV Model2Go

Use automation to get a transport model of your city in just one week.

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PTV Access

Discover the mobility potential of cities. Our accessibility score indicates how easily you can travel to everyday destinations. 

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PTV Optima

Turn your city into a smart city with PTV's real-time traffic management software.

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PTV Vissim

Simulate multimodal, microscopic traffic realistically, in detail and vividly.

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PTV Visum

The leading software for multimodal transport planning and macroscopic traffic simulations.

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Hear our experts speak at Intertraffic Summit

Pollution-sensitive traffic management with PTV Optima and Bosch Air quality solutions - Daniele Tiddi | April 16, 2024, 12.30 h

PTV Optima now integrates Bosch Air quality solution data. Thanks to this integration, traffic control centres can monitor live the air quality level as measured by the different air quality sensors, understand the main traffic-related emission sources, based on the current traffic conditions, and see the estimated dispersion of pollutants on the covered area.

Efficient traffic monitoring and forecasting
Luca Paone | April 17, 2024, 13.30 h

Luca Paone will present the next generation of vehicular traffic management solutions, a cloud-based traffic management software that offers many principles and technologies in an easily deployable solution. This platform allows clients to effortlessly monitor and predict traffic in real time; utilizing a machine learning-based speed forecast and it provides key performance indicators that visualize problems.

Elevating Intersection Safety: innovative solutions for Dilemma Zones
Sofia Salek de Braun, Snehasis "Sunny" Chakravarty | April 18, 2024, 11.30 h

This presentation will focus on how new sensor and controller software technologies are enabling real-time intersection control and signal-optimization strategies for dynamic dilemma-zone protection. It will also explain how these capabilities can be applied as a coordinated arterial dilemma zone protection strategy.

Transportation modelling in-booth sessions

  • Conquer congestion: How to set up a traffic management system in 7 days
    Discover PTV Flows: The new way of managing and forecasting traffic. Using advanced machine learning and cloud-based technology, the software empowers transport operators to effortlessly monitor and predict traffic conditions, and to proactively tackle incidents before they even occur. Say goodbye to complex infrastructure – with PTV Flows, proactive traffic management is now within reach (and budget) for every city.

    Tuesday, April 16, 2:00pm
    Wednesday, April 17, 10:00am

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Meet PTV experts at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

Daniele Tiddi, Ph.D.
Principal Product Manager

Lorenzo Meschini
Vice President Product Management

Luca Paone
Principal Product Manager

Andreas Köglmaier
Manager Sales Public Sector

Andreas Schomborg
Principal Business Development Manager

Peter Möhl
Vice President Central & Eastern Europe

Kieu Lee
Sales Development Represenative

Robin Huizenga
Director Mobility

Kim Örn
Account Executive

Sofia Salek de Braun
Road Safety Specialist