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Discover the world of PTV Mobility

PTV Group provides software solutions to empower mobility for a cleaner and smarter future. Discover our portfolio and join the ranks of more than 2,500 cities who already plan and optimize traffic and mobility in their cities with our software.

Modeling & Planning Software

PTV Visum

The leading software for multimodal transport planning and macroscopic traffic simulations.

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PTV Vissim

Simulate multimodal, microscopic traffic realistically, in detail and vividly.

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PTV Model2Go

Use automation to get a transport model of your city in just one week.

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PTV Visum Publisher

Use attractive visualizations to share your mobility story with decision-makers and the public.

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PTV Lines

The public transport planner with all the scope and none of the complexity.

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PTV Access

Discover the mobility potential of cities. Our accessibility score indicates how easily you can travel to everyday destinations. 

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PTV Vistro

Your all-in-one traffic engineering software for quality simulations. 

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PTV Viswalk

Realistically simulate and display the behavior of pedestrians. 

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Management & Prediction Software

PTV Optima

Turn your city into a smart city with PTV's real-time traffic management software.

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PTV Flows

Empowering Traffic Operators with Predictions & Proactive Traffic Management



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PTV Data for Mobility
Enhance your mobility software with the right data

Rely on a solid database for traffic models and mobility studies. We advise you independently of data providers.

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Mobility data by PTV
Traffic models and traffic frequencies

With our mobility data, you have access to traffic models and traffic frequencies, even to specific road sections, days or time of the day.

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